Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Foraging FHE

Liberty of London's "A Seasonal Guide to British Wild Food" tea towel. 

So what do you do when your due date strikes and there is no sign of baby?

We took to the hills (or Hampstead Heath) and foraged for food.

Lest you think this is some labor-inducing scheme, it's simply something both of us have wanted to do for some time.

We are interested in survival skills and in nature generally.  I got this tea towel for Lance a couple of Christmases ago from Liberty of London, and, now that the nesting bug is in overdrive, finally put it up on our wall.  (Unless it's not large enough to see the details in the above picture, it is a calendar that pictorially lays out the various wild foods of Britain that grow each month.)

For FHE yesterday morning, I wrote down each herb or plant growing in March and proceeded to find pictures of them on the Internet.  We then went to our local Primrose Hill library and picked up a book on British wild food.

Then it was off to Hampstead Heath to see what we could see.

Of the dozen + items growing in March, we succeeded only in finding this stinging nettle that we were too scared to pick, a few tasteless dandelion greens that serve as a relish to our almond-toasted lemon sole last night, and good-smelling stuff that we couldn't quite identify and are now too scared to eat (we are especially not taking chances at this stage in the pregnancy game).  

Stinging nettle is called the "prince of leafy greens" and is edible after being soaked or boiled in water. 
At this rate, we would starve if left on our own in the wilderness.  However, we did enjoy our three mile walk, the greenery, the view, and hope that at some point, we will know know more about wild food as we explore this beautiful, wet rock upon which we live.

The view from Parliament Hill.


  1. Looks like you're living the dream Lori.

    Great to hear about all of your adventures and achievements.

    Cheers Dylan (Elder) Andrews ASSM 2000-2002
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Elder Andrews! How are you? How did you find me here - are we FB friends? If dreams involve scavenging for free food, count us in. :-) It is where our love for nature and my husband's cheapness (I'm merely thrifty) collide beautifully...