Monday, April 1, 2013

First Outing: Tiger Spotting

see the tiger in the background?  Baby Gideon wasn't as impressed as we thought he'd be...
Although what is normally a ten minute walk required a solid three hours, we took our little one-week old Baby Gideon to the zoo to see the new tiger installation - his first outing (and mine post-partum).

I can't say he'll remember any of it as he slept through the entire trip, but it was important, especially for daddy, that his first outing involved animals.

Of course that meant an animal-appropriate wardrobe and blanket (it had tigers on it) choice.

The outing made for a very tired but happy mamma (referring to me, not the sleeping female tiger behind me).  

Didn't quite get the angle right, but the male and female Sumatran Tigers they had there were amazing. 

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