Friday, May 10, 2013

British Baby Vocabulary

[Thanks to those who have expressed concern over the tongue-tie.  We took him in this week for the small procedure to cut the extra tissue, and he is feeding and therefore sleeping (and generally feeling) much better - right in time for a growth spurt!]

I have often heard it remarked that Great Britain and the United States are two countries divided by the same language.  That is certainly true when it comes to baby vocabulary.  As my husband and I intend to be here for quite some time, we are trying to assimilate the new vocab quickly.  Here's the translations for the uninitiated like us:

onsie=baby vest
footsies=baby grow
burp cloth=muslin, or mussy
burping your baby=winding your baby
spit up="sick" (I particularly don't like this one)
diaper rash=nappy rash
children's tylenol=calpol
nursing=breastfeeding (nursing often means just holding the baby)
pumping=expressing milk

I'm sure there is more, and I'll update this as I go...

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