Thursday, May 30, 2013

Days Out in London

First day facing the world (it lasted for about 10 minutes)

I suppose the following should be three posts, but a new mom has to be efficient, no? 

Lance and I have taken advantage of a little bit of downtime during our respective maternity and paternity leaves to see a little more of greater London.  I must say, it's pretty great.  That includes Greenwich, the London zoo, and Richmond as depicted below.

Richmond has over 100 green spaces.  These are their meadows - in the middle of the city.

Plane Trees were planted all over London in the 1700 and 1800s because they did so well in the
(chimney-induced) pollution of London.  This here tree in the Richmond Gaucho's garden is the tallest
plane tree in London.

My favorite part of London is its gardens.  This is Richmond's terrace gardens.

Between 9-10 and 4-5, the path below is covered in water from the Thame's tide.

Tulip staircase in queen's castle-turned art museum in Greenwich.

Can't get enough of cherry blossoms, no matter where they are in the world.

We really do love the Greenwich Market.

What do you do with a spare castle (re)built by Henry VII and that Queen Elizabeth I died in?
Turn it into primo residential properties...

The Greenwich Naval Museum had several ship masts on display.
Perhaps this one was breastfeeding?

The Royal Naval College Chapel (left) and hall (right) were designed by architect Christopher Wren.

Copula of the great Hall at Greenwich.

Baby boy was a champ wherever we took him.

This used to be the fastest ship in the world.

Can you see the butterfly sign straight?  They are keeping Mormons in cages in the London Zoo!

The "Common Mormon." Definition, please?


  1. Love to see you wearing the baby while enjoying the day. It feels good, isn't good? I bet the baby mostly asleep while we walk, just like mine.