Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simply Parenting

sorry, no matter what I do, this picture contorts itself.

My husband and I have deliberately acquired as few baby things as possible.  This is in part due to the limitations of the 550 square feet in which we live and our aesthetic preferences. 

But mostly, it has to do with the philosophy of simplicity.  We run very full lives and we try to simplify as much as possible so we can spend our time doing what matters most (like blogging, right?). 

This involves eschewing the chaos of stuff: despite its upfront cost, stuff costs time in caring for it, moving it, and, eventually, disposing of it.  I have heard someone say that their home was one massive garbage disposal, and they were constantly shuffling things through the various stages of becoming garbage.  Precisely how we feel.  Unless it is a thing designed to be used and disposed of in its normal course, we are very, very careful to only acquire those things that we want to keep for the rest of our lives. 

Accordingly, our initial parenting "stuff" has been limited to the bare essentials: an antique rocking chair to nurse and sooth baby boy, the now-famous trug in which to sleep him, a sling in which to carry and transport him, clothes, books, three toys, a breast pump, two nursing covers, a change mat, and baby toiletries. That's it.  Other than the trug and the rocking chair, it all fits into five Ikea-sized boxes.

Enter baby boy.  A living, breathing, tongue-tied, windy little boy.  I held out in buying any kind of baby contraption, which essentially meant I held him all through the terrible fiveish week period in which his tongue tie tortured him and us.  Finally, I called my sister crying.  She said it was time to go out and buy a baby contraption.

I held out a little longer till I returned from my grandmother's funeral and then went out and bought the mother of all baby contraptions.  It sings, it dances, and - glory be - it even puts baby boy to sleep.

Ultimately, I know this thing will become garbage - as all things must.  In the meantime, however, it is making my parenting job much more simple.  So here's to the simplification that more stuff can bring!

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