Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baby Royale

Kate leaving St. Mary's Hospital with George

Me leaving St. Mary's four months earlier with Gideon
Republican (coincidentally, in both the British and American sense of the word, although here it relates to the British sensibility of favoring a constitutional republic rather than monarchy) that I am, I must say it is fun to have so much in common with the royals: Kate and Wills (yes, with an "s" here) and we were pregnant at the same time, had babies within four months of each other, delivered at the same hospital, both had boys, and named our firstborns "G____".  I unfortunately, however, did *not* look as good as Kate post-partum (darn 42 hours of labor)!

Now that the question of registering for schools is upon us (yes, there is a mad rush to register once the baby is born), the thought occurred to me that we could even send our baby G to school with prince G.  Perhaps our son could help the young prince with his maths (also with an "s" here) homework...

Looks like we both swaddle our babes in white...

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