Friday, August 2, 2013

Asha the Miracle Worker

I don't know if its bishop-related blessings (I've been told they come fast and furious), but my life has all of a sudden become very easy. 

Gideon is sleep-trained, sleeping 12 hours through the night (I miss him he's asleep so much!), and finally on a schedule.  In addition, my three-year-old to-dos are getting done, my house is consistently clean, and I have ironed clothes to wear.  I can also work 15ish hours a week with complete confidence that my son not only will not get off schedule, but will have age-appropriate, stimulating activities and will be well-loved on. 

Enter Asha the miracle worker.  This young woman, who became suddenly free upon our return from Libya, is a dream--and a prayer--come true.  She puts me and any other child careers to shame by not only doing the heavy-lifting of sleep training, providing nutritional guidance (we are suppose to start weaning soon), and gently coaxing babies into blissful routines, but also cleans, cooks, and makes suggestions for well-researched products that you will need soon (a new baby bed, for starters) while the baby sleeps and plays.

Somehow, even though she only really works when I work plus a couple of evenings a week, she has gotten our household running in tip-top shape and our child--and mama--as happy as larks. 

Whether this is a bishop-related blessing, the fact that our child is now well past the three-month turning point when they accept out-of-the-womb status, or winning the childcare lottery, I'll take it! But my bets are on the blessing category.  I only hope I can keep her around for a very long time...
Asha-style childcare: all of the toys we own plus a lemon are on this blanket or on Gideon's person
(notice the spiderman slap-watch a random Libyan G as a present slapped onto his foot - he loves it!)

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