Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simply Parenting II

Who says baby sling can't have multiple purposes? (yes that's Mount St. Laundry in the back - it happens)
I have already blogged a couple of times (here and here) about our on-going fight against baby stuff.  So as our little boy has gotten older and has approached developmental hurdles (mobility and eating), as we aren't quite ready to move from our brilliant little flat, we have gotten creative with our stuff acquisition.

For starters, Gideon can now turn over in his bed and gets stuck.  As we didn't have as much two-dimentional as three-dimentional space to work with in the nursery (aka the bathroom), we opted for a hammock. It will last till he's ready for a real bed, is anti-SIDs, and the price was just right (used off of Gumtree for 50 pounds).

sometimes we sleep in our church clothes
This new sleeping arrangement plus a railing around our open stairwell will allow us to stay here for quite some time.  Very pleased to have figured this out.

I also needed more mobility.  Instead of getting a car, we opted for an electrical cargo bicycle that can seat up to four children and can help me to get up the steep hills to church.

Finally, we have found a new use for our newborn baby wrap - add it to the spring that comes with the hammock, a door clamp, and a few ribbons, and you have a baby bouncer that stores well and looks so much better than its store-bought siblings, no?


  1. Wow so impressive how you are maximizing you're space and "baby stuff!" I can't believe how big gideon is getting already! Miss your guts!! Xoxo Jamie

  2. Is that baby hanging from a coat hanger?

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