Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simply Traveling

There is nothing simple about traveling with an infant.  Especially when you are breastfeeding, traveling for work, and without a nanny (or anyone else for that matter!).

So for my trip to the States last week for a ConSource's Constitution Day Eve (a little known holiday...) program with Justice Scalia, I tried to simplify as much as I possibly could.

Traveling by myself meant no stroller, no pack and play, and no diaper bag (I don't own any of these anyway), and only carry-on luggage, as I had to carry everything myself.

If you can see it, this is all of the stuff I brought - baby, baby carrier, one wheely carry on,
a purse that doubled as a diaper bag, and G's sleepyhead in its carry bag.

I usually pack light (it's all about the shoes - I only take two and plan all outfits around them), but making room for baby stuff meant I had to be even more careful - only one full suit with a sport jacket to match, necklaces that doubled as toys, non-iron shirts, and no laptop--a first traveling for business with just an iPad.

For G, I purchased diapers and wet wipes in New York and a few other baby supplies, brought only five interchangeable outfits, one PJ sleeper, two hats, one blanket, and did laundry frequently.  I purposely had delayed true weaning (in the UK, weaning means introducing solids) till getting back so I didn't have to cart food around or worry about extra washing.  

Even at that, I packed things I didn't use, or used only once - his door bouncer and hammock.  Instead, I used Gideon's "Sleepyhead" - the little transportable bed that got us from trug to hammock.  It was a life saver for this trip, as it provided a clean place to put G, for instance when our flight got canceled and I couldn't stop to feed him (good thing I had taught him to feed himself!) and a place to sleep even on the plane when the seatbelt sign wasn't on. 

Other tricks that saw me through were his hats to allow baby boy his customary darkness and keep him warm, Calpol (baby Tylenol for the Yanks out there) for his ears on the plane, finger puppets--the only true toys I brought--and wonderful friends and a couple of interns that helped to watch him or welcomed a baby at a meeting.

It was an insane trip.  Baby jetlag is the worst--both ways, and the poor thing got sick.  However, it was worth the sleeplessness.  I was able to see dear friends and some family,  serve ConSource, meet with Libya-related clients, and land the opportunity to be the history consultant on a Supreme Court case.

With Deb.  Gideon LOVED her.

"Borrowing" play stations.  Wish I had gotten a pix of G with his second cousins!

Wi Wi Mama!

Have baby, will take tea at the Jefferson (if only they had served it during the week!) with dear friends
and fellow ConSource-lovers

learning how to be the ConSource board mascot

first trip to see the Constitution

Meeting my oldest friends in this world, the Ruzicka's!

Feeding himself on the floor of the airport while I sorted his baby ticket with the flight that wasn't canceled that night.

borrowing a high chair

learning to sleep in new closets

First playtime in Central Park

Fun NYC story - left my Burberry (second-hand, don't be too impressed) coat here - and found it again!  Bless the Central Park employee who made my week by responding to the note we left!

With Sarah Jensen Clayton and Caroline just after Church at the Manhattan First Ward (we miss you!)
Post-bathtime on the London-bound plane (no, I didn't put him in the sink!) - sleepyhead comes in handy again.

G: I hate it when my huge foot gets in the way of a good self-portrait with mamma!

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