Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Uses for the Trug

So we found a new use for the trug.  After G grew out of sleeping in it, I rolled up all of his blankets and placed them (in color order, of course), in the trug for quick access while he was in the swaddle phase. 

That phase passed, but I never got around to moving the blankets (except on laundry day, when I would lug laundry up to the roof and back for air-drying) until a few days ago. 

Now the trug is the new toybox, or toytrug.  Put a faux sheepskin blanket down plus one of my favorite swaddle blankets, then added all of his toys (a small yet growing collection - blocks, vintage flower dominos, crocheted Alice in Wonderland finger puppets, stuffed animals, and a very conspicuous spiderman slap-watch given as a gift from a stranger in Libya). 

I've also taken to adding Gideon when I need him safe (he's belly-crawling!) and contained while I cook or work.  He loves it - he can't fall over, and he has everything right there. 

Ode to the family truggery in Sussex who made this treasure.  It continues to be my favorite baby thing.

Alice in the mouth

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