Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunbury Antiques Market

What baby doesn't like eggplant, right?
Rather than going to IKEA, I recommend heading to Sunbury Antiques Market, where you can pay the same price for treasures rather than disposable furniture.  Much better on the environment and easier on the eyes.

The most important piece of furniture I needed to acquire was something in which to wean (again, here in the UK that means introducing food) our son.  

The original idea was to get a chair that was a bit higher, such as a Victorian stool with a back on it on which to strap this cloth contraption I purchased at John Lewis.  That way, I didn't need to have an extra baby thing that needed storing, as the chair would be a normal persons' chair.

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did find this adorable Victorian low chair for all of 20 pounds (30 dollars for the Yanks out there).  It can be left on the floor for solo eats or be put up on the table so our babe is included in family mealtime as shown above. Although it is one more baby thing, I definitely don't mind looking at it all day.

BONUS: it has dual functionality (although I need to find a ceramic bowl that will slot into the custom-built grove).  Seems the Victorians and I were on the same wavelength re: space constraints and multi-functional furniture. 

The other things I needed to find were a few chairs for the flat. We opted for mis-matched antique chairs that will eventually go with a reclaimed wood table and a desk chair to replace an IKEA folding chair.  I am very proud of what I found:

a country Windsor for 45 pounds

mismatched antique dining chairs, two for 15 pounds each, one for 30 pounds

Possibly my favorite: a French step ladder-chair for 45 pounds


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