Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zoology at Six Months

In the butterfly house

G got his first (awake) tutorial in multi-species animal-loving yesterday (before it's only been dogs, see below), something he is genetically predisposed for.  I loved watching his reaction to the animals, and Lance's reaction to both.

wanting to know what the fox says

At the Primrose Hill Dog Show (before the haircut)

He has also experienced a few other first recently.

first commando crawl

first time eating out - forgot the bib, so a blurb cloth served

first time eating his lunch in the bishop's office

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  1. What a sweet young lad you're raising. You are going to enjoy every stage, as you should. I hope you guys are doing well. Having a husband as a Bishop must be tough! Thanks to all of you for your service!