Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Top Tens

Many thanks to Amy Gant for taking our pictures and to Charity Kartchner Adams for the pose idea - hope you don't mind!

1. Gideon Armstrong Toler, born March 22, 2013.  He is our pride and joy and the reason for many a belly chuckle - both his and ours.

2. Lance becoming a Principal at Apollo Global Management in their European Principal Finance group in May.

3. An LLC designation with the launch of Libertas Constitutional Consulting, Lorianne's consulting practice.  This involved both Lance and Lorianne living in Libya during January and February and a return trip - Lorianne with her consulting practice and Lance with the Financial Services Volunteer Corps - in June.  To make more space for her vocations as wife, mother, and constitutional legal historian, Lorianne has, at least for the next 5-10 years, halted her doctoral studies.

4. A new ward family.  Our new congregation has become especially dear to us as Lance was called to be the bishop of the London North Ward, Hyde Park Stake in July. 

5. A miracle-working, sleep-training, part-time nanny, Asha Corcoran.  She tried to quit but Lorianne didn't accept it and instead signed her on for another 18 months.

6. Rebecca Healey, Lorianne's new research assistant.  Her talent, tenacity, adaptability, sophistication and charm are the reasons Lorianne is able to work only part time while a new business is launched. 

7. A Spanish bank.  Lance managed Apollo's acquisition of EVO Bank.

8. Becoming an author. Lorianne e-launched The Other Side of Charity through Deseret Book and hard-copy self-published it through

9. Hosting. We played host to Mom Updike, who came out for the birth of Gideon, Mom and Dad Toler who came out for Lance's setting apart as bishop and ordination to the high priesthood, Anje (Lorianne's sister), Jonathan, Kjirstin and Savannah Pond for a surprise trip, old friends Seth Wheeler, Patrice Pederson, Sid Shenai, the Lazenby girls, the Manhattan Fowles, and Liz Brownsell, new friends in the local mums group Lorianne co-started, and monthly mid-singles dinner for fellow congregants and to which old friends Ben Malone and Mary Cox attend.  Please let us know if you come to town!

10. Simplicity. Despite becoming parents, we were able to avoid many of the normal baby trappings, including a high chair (instead, an antique low chair), a mountain of plastic toys, a bassinet (instead, a custom-built Sussex trug in which we slept Baby G as a newborn and now serves as his toy box and playpen), crib (instead, a baby hammock), a stroller/pushchair (instead, a baby wrap and carrier), a car and carseat (instead, a box bicycle which can seat four children, haul a huge food shop, and get us up and down all the hills to church 5 miles away with the help of its electrical lift), and, most importantly, a new flat (we've loved innovating in making our 550 square bit of heaven work for three rather than two). 

Bishop Toler with baby boy

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