Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home Making

I recovered our eggplant-colored ottoman (it's part of the furniture that comes with the flat, so the cover just slips on) with bright patchwork fabric that pulled all of the room colors together.

I have just completed re-decorating (the American kind, where objects change, not the British, where merely the paint does) our "lounge" or living room, which doubles as our nursery.  It is now safe and I finally enjoy spending time in the room. 
Let me know what you think. 

We don't like the couches that come with the flat, but we are making the best of them and using them as a neutral palate.

I had over-sized pillow kits made at the local "Sew Much Fun" and then made these pillows.

We had a major issue in that our flat has an open stairwell.  Instead of purchasing an ugly baby gate or having a very expensive, custom-made game designed, I did something a little different.  First, we bolted the couch into the floor.  I then thought we could put down a bookshelf in the left over floor space and have that bolted into the floor.  However, anything I would want to buy I didn't want to ruin nor did they fit.  Then I discovered crates would fit perfectly and it wouldn't matter if I were to put holes in them.  So I purchased two apple crates from Covent Garden Markets in Vauxhall for 12 pounds a piece, sanded them down, painted the outside with paint I already had, bolted them together, and bolted them into the floor.
The stairway opening was then not traditional because the ladder was on a slant.  So you still couldn't put a pressure baby gate here, nor did I want to.  I was going to put a farm fence up and bolt it into the wall and attach it to the bookcase, but Lance had a better idea.  A friend had crib parts which we sawed down to make the gate and I attached the gate with fabric to the bookshelf with the same fabric in which I recovered the ottoman.   I then took long strips of fabric in a Paris-themed print and wove them in and out of the ladder steps so there are no gaping holes through which baby boy can slip.

View from the stairs coming up

We bolted the couch into the floor with curtain rod hangers.

I think G's Christmas bus looks cute in the room.  Also purchased a 12 pound easle from Ikea - it's for our messages now, but baby boy will grow into them.
Alice in Wonderland finger puppets

This mobile and the brightly-colored quilts can still entertain G for many beautiful minutes.

We took G's low chair/potty and had it painted bright yellow in a high-gloss paint so it can be hosed down.

The pillow on the rocking chair I made from the same frabic used on the ladder.  Rug from Ikea which helps with G's falls, as he is cruising now!  Very slippery, so I used non-slip pads underneath and moved the sheepskin by the toy box trug and G's new "bookcase" so if he falls, he isn't hurt.  Also acts as quick-sand to slow his movement into the non-carpeting dining area.

Not re-designed, just keeps getting cuter.