Wednesday, January 29, 2014

John Lewis is My Hero

The time had come.  I swore in my self righteous wrath that I would not purchase a stroller until I broke my back. Then I walked six miles in downtown London in search of perfect house gifts for my trip to the States--carrying Gideon.

As great as the Ergobaby is (I have this one pictured below, and love it), it could not save my back from weak core muscles.  Darn "integrated" exercise routine that incorporates exercise into my daily life - somehow missed the core strengthening part.  I couldn't move and looked somewhat like the Hunchback of Primrose Hill after that long walk last week.

The day I broke my back carrying G till kingdom come.

So it was time.  And the window was small, as I broke the back on Monday and was headed State-side Friday.  I had gotten pushchair/stroller recommendations from friends, confirmed my decision through further research and was ready: I wanted an Uppa Baby G Luxe.  Ultra lightweight, check, easy to close, check, reclined, check, sold in the UK, check, durable, check. 

The only problem was getting it by Thursday.  No mail order for me.  I needed it stat, so I went to John Lewis' website and found the item on sale for 195 pounds.  Ouch. 

However, John Lewis' tagline is "never knowingly undersold," and has a price matching scheme to prove it.

Well, I found my stroller at for 105 pounds.  That's more like it. I could go to Croydon (a 30 minute train ride to purchase one) or see if John Lewis really stood up to its guarantee.  I called beforehand to ensure John Lewis had one in the store on Oxford street and that they meant what they said.  Check.

I waltzed in, armed with my Kiddiecare webpage price and asked, pretty please, if they could give me their Uppa Baby G Luxe for 50% off.  I got middle management and store employees to doubt, but the upper management manager said if I could buy it somewhere, then yes, they would match the price.  I couldn't believe it.

I've an Oxford friend who sang the praises of John Lewis and I didn't quite understand what she was on about.  Now I do.  This department store has made one loyal momma buyer out of me.

(The irony, of course, is that G is not yet used to the stroller, and prefers napping not in it, but in the ergo baby, back pain or no.  Luckily, my back has held up thus far, but we soon need to transition to this wonderful stroller, which I am planning on using till it breaks down and my hero supplies me a warranty-guaranteed new one.)

G in the stroller coming home from our big trip - tired boy (and tired mamma!) - finally got him to sit in the stroller

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