Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Walk in the Park

It's been so beautiful the last week that our park, Primrose Hill, has been swarming with people--and dogs.

As he descends from a long line of dog-lovers, G naturally comes by his excitement for all things canine.  We ever recently scheduled a playdate with a puppy, and have another one in mind.

When taking him to the park, one of us will try to intercept tame-looking creatures and ask the owners if our babe might spend some time with it.  Unfortunately, this has only reinforced the somewhat unsafe belief that all four-legged creatures (as well as two-legged creatures) love him.

Perhaps we'll need to get one of these four-footed creatures while G is young.  Any suggestions?  We have thought of an English Weimaraner (German hunting dog but more closely related to the Great Dane so is more placid inside the home).  Thoughts?

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