Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Traditions

G's golden egg
Easter Traditions had me a bit befuddled this last weekend.  This little isle upon which we live makes a glorious fuss over Easter, giving it two full bank holidays on either end - Good Friday and Easter Monday.  While I have generally puzzled over what to do to make Easter special, the two extra holidays made me feel like I should pay even more heed.

I guess my first problem is that Easter is always on a different day every year.  I'm generally not good with checking the weather or the calendar for upcoming stuff, so Easter always takes me by surprise.

And my faith doesn't do lent or Ash Wednesday or anything really to let you know IT's COMING. To add to my excuses, I suppose you can't really 'do' Easter until you have children, I don't really decorate, and working part-time while a mom means every spare moment is taken up. 

So...Easter descended and I was left wondering how to make it special this time and in the future. 

I kicked off the weekend Thursday evening by doing possibly the coolest thing I've done in a while (sorry, no pictures - I forgot): live organ music by x-BYU organ professor set to 1920's silent film classic, King of Kings, in the Hyde Park Chapel.  It was Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood-ized depiction of the Savior's last week.  Although parts were highly inaccurate doctrinally, I enjoyed the drama and the messages immensely.  I don't believe I've seen a non-Latter-day Saint cinematic perspective on the Savior's last week, and it caused me to think about the sequence of events in new ways.

But this was a one-off event, and couldn't be a tradition. 

G and I spent a day in Muswell Hill on Saturday, some of it with members of our congregation in their golden egg hunt for their baskets and then general Easter egg hunt. I liked seeing a new perspective on Easter traditions - a Saturday rather than Sunday hunt, searching for baskets first, then individualized eggs, and putting money in some of the eggs as an alternative to candy.

The visit gave me some ideas.  I also have a few from my childhood - growing up I got a new dress, and we had a special breakfast, but my mom wasn't a big Easter Bunny pusher, which I totally get.  My dad also watched Ben Hur most years.  Still, not a lot to go on.

So I have some ideas, a few things to resurrect from my childhood (I like the new dress part), but I'm still searching for ways to make next year's Easter both fun and memorable for a toddler, meaningful as it relates to the Resurrection, and doesn't involve a lot of (or any) candy.

Any ideas?     

Friday's visit to the zoo

"hidden" baskets

The Gants with their baskets and bunnies.

Yesterday we had lunch on the roof.

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