Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moving House

It's a big luxury in London to have your own front door--and mail slot. Dad Toler,
check out that window box!

Yesterday I unpacked the last box from our move from our tree-top flat in Primrose Hill around the corner to a garden flat in Primrose Hill. 

I'm still in a state of shock, as I can't believe our good fortune to be in this flat - it has the largest private garden in Primrose Hill (shared with seven other flats, be we are one of three that has access to it and I believe the only family with children to enjoy it), its own front door, is owner-lived in so has beautiful finishes that are unique to a rental (like a German stove and fridge, dark hard wood floors, beautiful kitchen and bathroom fittings, etc.), and is bright with high ceilings and incredibly spacious--all for a great deal.  I could live in this home forever. 

The "move" isn't quite finished, however, because we have very little furniture.  We moved from a furnished flat to an unfurnished flat twice the size.  We've decided to go slowly and carefully and acquire things that we love rather than do a big IKEA shop and then spend years slowly getting rid of it - better for the environment, right?

Here are a few pics of partially-furnished rooms.  I'll add more as we finish furnishing and decorating different rooms.

For now, I'm feeling very, very lucky.

View out of our bedroom window.

Essentially all the furniture we own went into the nursery.

love having a "changing table" that is safe and doesn't hurt my back!  G loves looking out the window and finally stays relatively still.

Yes, we are using a crate for a table these days.  We left ours at the old flat and know what we want.

Our office through the kitchen "window."  Lance will finally be able to work from home evenings and weekends.  I couldn't be more excited.

view of our garden (and private terrace) from our "reception" or living room - not pictured.

Our garden smells like flowers and is tended by gardeners (included in rent)- how fab is that?
Did I mention we have massive amounts of storage, closets and a dedicated storage room? Rare for London.