Sunday, July 13, 2014

DC Book Signing!

Traveling in the states for a month for three reunions, two book signings, a bit of legal history work, and moving out of our storage unit is a bit insane.  Add in a 15 month old, a six month bump, and no consistent child care, and eight cities in 29 days becomes slightly insane. Likely the last time I will do anything like for this for quite some time.

But it has been worth it.  Other than one frantic phone call to Lance wherein I declared I was tired of traveling and was coming home (the day I moved us out of storage unit in DC heat and humidity), and no I wouldn't go to bed because I needed to complain a bit more, I have been so very grateful to have seen so many friends and loved ones across the country.  

One of the biggest highlights (other than one amazing family reunion over July 4th - post coming soon!) was the DC book signing Thursday night at the home of Frances and Michael Seay.  Although a flash flood kept some folks at home, the evening turned out just perfectly.  The Spirit was strong, and I think everybody who attended learned something about giving and receiving (I certainly did - perhaps I can include some of it in another book?) and connected in new and surprising ways.  The beautiful home and the hospitality of Michael and Francis Seay helped to create an atmosphere for an exceptional evening that I will remember with gratitude.

Stay tuned for a report of the next book signing in Provo, UT - 4662 Brookshire Circle (84604 for google mappers) at 7:30 Thursday evening the 17th.  Join me if you are around!

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