Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome, welcome! After five years blogging under the "Mormon at Oxford" rubric and its variants-- Mormon in Philadelphia, Manhattan, London, etc.--I have finally upgraded and become (gulp) a mommy blogger.

Instead of posting on whatever I fancy, this blog is designed to teach me a little discipline.  About half of my weekly posts will be about motherhood and its spiritual and intellectual challenges.  The rest will be split between reflections on my faith and experiences of living as an American expat in London.  This is more or less in accord with the evolution of my blog, but more focused.

Thanks to blog veteran Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built with the inspiration and tutoring in how to build a cohesive blog identity.  And thanks to my new sister Jamie Garlick (our parents married each other - see last post) for convincing me to pose for some maternity photos though I indeed felt (and continue to feel) like a beached whale.  (This new blog is all about motherhood, so why not embrace the fact that I am currently maternity personified, or, as Barbara put it, "the beautiful reflection of my love's affection..."?)  

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