Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Celebrating my Husband

Gideon and Lance with our adopted collie in Primrose Hill Park.  Lance is in a suit because he had a bishopric meeting that morning.  The call of duty apparently doesn't know about birthdays.  Sigh.

I've heard that one of the best motherhood strategies is to honour and love your husband.  Not a difficult thing for me to do (usually :-))!

So, when my husband got older last month, I celebrated his wonderful life the day of with afternoon tea in Mayfair and then scheduled a whole Saturday full of things that he loves - reading, dogs, motorcycle riding, and a chess match.

Finding a dog we could take around for a few hours was the most complicated part of the day - the English love rules, and insurance for handling animals is one of them.  Sheesh!  The dog walker didn't want/couldn't have help,  the local rescue society had their kennels too far away, and all of our friends had dogs too little to really interest Lance (and be safe for Gideon).  Finally, I was put in contact with All Dogs Matter, an agency where dogs are fostered until adopted.  After much doing, they allowed us to take a foster dog around in Primrose Hill Park for a bit--convenient because their was a dog charity event going on that same day in the park.  Leo was sweet but obviously abused by previous masters - sad.

Motorcycle riding ultimately didn't happen because all of the motorcycles that could have been test driven were sold before our Saturday adventure.  So Lance read and napped instead - another favourite activity.

Then some dear friends came over for dinner and a chess match.  Both the dad and the two oldest boys (little smarty-pants - one is attending the posh public school St. Paul's and the next is accepted) let Lance win, so it was all good fun.

I think the day was a success.  And the entire birthday present didn't cost a dime - another little gift for my economically-minded better half.  Love you, babe!

The Southern Golden Retriever "show team" in action (part of the PupAid event in Primrose Hill that day) - the owners were a little weird, but the dogs were beautiful and quite well trained. 

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