Monday, September 29, 2014

Hawk Walk

The days have been filled with lasts - the last work deadline (hurray!) before Baby Girl Toler arrives, the last party we hosted before Baby Girl Toler arrives (coming soon to a blog near you), and the last getaway before Baby Girl Toler arrives.

Thanks to Mom and Dad Toler's combined birthday generosity, we enjoyed our getaway staying at the Wire Mill (the food and view are outstanding, the bedrooms are getting there) close to the London LDS Temple in Sussex and then making the taxi-hike down to Huxley's Birds of Prey for a Hawk Walk - literally a walk in the woods with a hawk!

It was amazing.  Our Hawk, Denver, was a champ, and seemed to like both Lance and myself.  This was certainly a dream come true for Lance, and I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.  The woods were beautiful, and it was surprising to learn that a hawk could have so much personality and be so highly trained - seems they have the mental capacity of a dog.    

Lance was unfortunately not feeling well thereafter, but I was able to attend the temple for the last time in a long time and have an amazing spiritual experience.

Thanks a million, Mom and Dad Toler, for yet another memorable adventure!

This is called my "hawk-walk-temple-the-Wire-Mill's-blow-dryer-wasn't-working-nine-months-pregnant" look. Oh man! - thankfully, Denver didn't mind, nor did Lance... 

The woods, even the felled trees, were amazing.

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