Thursday, September 4, 2014

London Book Signing and House Warming Party

It's a flurry of activity around here finishing work projects before maternity leave sets in and preparing for a last pre-baby book signing here in London on the evening of 18 September.   (Five weeks plus two days to go - but who's counting?)

I was going to book the local library for the occasion, but then Lance and I realised that our home might be more comfortable than the library for the occasion.  We could join the event with a housewarming party, as we should--fingers crossed--be finished putting this place together.

Every day we make a little progress on our home - getting pictures framed and up, receiving delivery of our new piano (!), selling unwanted furniture, and visiting antique markets in far-flung areas of this little island so that we can make use of quality pieces at good prices.  The projects for today include finishing replacing the 70's piping on our new (old) couch/chaise lounge and then getting it professionally cleaned, getting buttons sewn on to the interior of Gideon's new play teepee so his toys can be organised inside the enclosure, and printing family pictures to put into the antique frames I just had matts made for.

I felt really lucky to find this chase lounge at Newark Antiques Market - in the middle of nowhere, England (sorry, not to offend any Newarkites!) - for £100 - about $160.  It dates to 1900, has nothing wrong with it other than needing new piping, and was re-upholstered in the '70s in a colour we actually like.  Usually with antiques, they need reupholstering, which is expensive.  It was a schlep up to Newark (4 hour roundtrip), but I possibly saved us £1,000 on a couch - they don't run cheap here!  
With new piping - tada!

Check out my chevron skills - not quite as cool as nunchuck skills, but still...

Other projects I hope to complete before the housewarming/book party include receiving delivery of our DC storage unit (along with my sewing machine!), painting the piano and bench and recovering the latter, making a cushion to run along the hearth, making curtains and bunting for the nursery, getting an island and possible hutch for the kitchen, and perhaps getting a comfortable seat for the living room.  We'll see what my pregnant body and schedule can tolerate.  Although I am ever careful to watch the pennies fly out the door, I enjoy a good challenge of saving money, finding beautiful things I want in my life forever filled with character.  I also admit to really enjoying the domestic side of all of this preparation - I haven't been this domestic since I was 13.  I also have a new-found respect for interior designers.  The options are overwhelming, and it took me ages to figure out a colour scheme for the living room.

This is the normal state of textile antiques - needing complete reupholstery.  If I could just find something like this recovered in cream or white or fuscia south of £200...

some things are SO tempting at these fairs - this is a miniature Rolls Royce from the 1910s with pedals underneath that actually propel the car.  It was more than our couch, however, so I couldn't quite justify it... 
We haven't decided whether we are getting a hutch yet, but here are the two winners so far - a low early 20th Century hutch that would need to be repainted and the doors re-hung for 55 pounds.

Or a shabby chic French hutch dating to the early 1800s.  £400, normally retailing £800.

And the two island winners - this one custom-made with reclaimed wood top for about £170, including delivery to London.

Or this from IKEA for £200 that has room for stools and matches our counter tops exactly - leaning towards this one.

I am excited for the book signing part of the shindig as well.  If it is anything like those previous in Provo and DC, it will prove to be a very spiritual night where we explore a little discussed topic - that of what it means to receive from others and how that process helps us to complete our concept and emulation of Christ's love.

If you are interested in attending the London signing, please email me at laupdike [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll send you our address.

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