Thursday, October 9, 2014

Small Wonders

He didn't paint the flower, but he'll pull his chair right up to the easel so he can draw with his pencils.

When I was little, my mom kept "journals" of all of the little things we did that were cute - small things that only a mother would notice and know.  My siblings and I now treasure these mothering memories.

As I was speaking to my mom the other day, I was telling her the little, adorable things Gideon has been doing lately.  As she chuckled, she urged me to record them.  

They are small, but any mother is going to know the joy such small wonders bring to their life.  So in these last few days when Gideon is the only little one capturing my attention, here's hoping you enjoy the latest "news" from my toddler's life:

* Gideon's favourite way to make us laugh is to close his eyes--while eating, walking, or reaching for something.  He'll screw up his face and squint his eyes closed and then try to carry on doing whatever it was he was doing.  I don't know where he got this from - perhaps from watching us pray - but it is so very cute.

* To cure his whining/fit habit, we have capitalised on his budding vocabulary by asking him "what do you say" when he begins whining for something.  He then responds by completely changing his face into a sweet little angel face and saying "peese!" (for please).  It's pretty much impossible to refuse his request at that point.  He's now begun saying "peese" when he wants anything now without encouragement - much  preferable to the previous whining.   

* Gideon wants to interact with everyone, especially strangers.  He will "strike up a conversation" with his little "ahs" and be persistent till he gets a response.  Sometimes, I have to make the stranger aware that my son would like to "talk" to them.  He will also go up to strangers in a crowded lobby (including an airplane, train, or lobby) and want to touch them, "talk" to them, and generally get to know them.  The other day we were in a cab and he politely but persistently said "ah" until the taxi driver acknowledged him and talked to him.  They became pals by the time we finished our journey.

* The most recent addition to our family, our au pair, Marianna, will blow kisses to Gideon as she leaves.  Gideon has started to kiss the air in return.

* Gideon will regularly and without prompting close open doors, drawers, and cupboards, including the baby gate into the office.  I hope he hasn't inherited our combined OCD!

* He can "read" on his own for twenty minutes or so.  When we read with him on our lap, especially the scriptures, he will often follow our fingers along the words for 10-15 seconds.

Here he is "drawing" with daddy.
* After spending all of Sacrament Meeting (our church's first meeting where the Lord's Supper of bread and water is passed) on what is left of my lap, I allow him to go up to the stand to sit with daddy for the closing song.  A week ago Sunday, he began to head towards the podium stairs per usual, then looked back at me sheepishly before heading out the door in a fit of very loud giggles.  I had to chase him before putting him on the stand to sit with dad.  He then sat on dad's lap and "sang" very loudly - I'm sure those sitting on the back pews could hear his howling.  

* I try to take him swimming as often as possible, as he *loves* the water, squeals with delight each time he sees any, and somehow instinctively knows how to move his arms and legs in the right direction.  Last week, after our post-pool shower, he pulled the stunt below, and would have crawled naked into every single accessible locker had I let him.  This time, I couldn't help from giggling.

*  Gideon loves to "help" in any way that he can.  He will hand Marianna her pillows as she makes her bed, and will help Lance push my trundle under the bed (we sleep in daybed and trundle that becomes a king-sized bed by night and a couch for the "library" by day) in the morning with appropriate grunting noises.  He will also look out for big jobs he can do - for instance, the other day at the dentist, he pulled off the big empty water canister from its rack and hefted it with his grunting noises across the room before attempting to pull the rest down.

* I have consistently prayed over the last few months that Gideon become as independent as possible before this next baby arrives, including and especially feeding himself.  It seems like this prayer has been answered, as Gideon now essentially insists on feeding himself, demands real silverware (especially forks), and has pretty much mastered a method of holding the utensils in a way that allows him to eat even porridge.  I'm a very grateful mamma, as I can now cook dinner while he eats.

* Vocab words include, in some kind of chronological order, "dog," "dada," "tweet," "quack," (see the pattern?) "mamma," "up," "get down," "sit down," "car," "kitty cat" (pronounced titty-tat), "all done," "shoe," "button," "please," "up, please," "aqua" (easier than water), "OK," "uh-oh," "no," "hi," "by-bye," "Marianna" (pronounce Manana), "tea" (yes, he loves herbal tea!), "more" (me), and today's acquisition, "pizza."  I'm sure there are more, these are just the ones he frequently uses.

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