Sunday, November 9, 2014


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Surprise!  For those who saw this post, we have changed our baby girl's name.  It's a bit of a long story and involves strong spiritual experiences with both names, but this is apparently what you get when you give married maximisers six weeks to decide between two names!  

Heaven only knows whether we will yet have our Ingrid Elisabeth, but this babe, I felt, wanted to be called Esther.  

Esther derives not only from the biblical beauty (hopefully she'll grow out of her current goblin tendencies so she can rightly represent the name!), but is my mother's middle name.  It is also the first name of a favourite sister missionary that I lived and served with for six months as a missionary in Sydney, Australia.  Thankfully, it has not been spoiled by anyone of that name within our acquaintance.   

Esther didn't indicate a middle name, however, causing us to search family histories, countless baby name sites, and even an Elf Name generator (consistent with her pointed ears and dark pixie hair) for a middle name.   

It turns out we didn't figure out a middle name until Lance was at the registrar's office and had already submitted another middle name.  Texts were flying furiously, and I suggested the very simple (why hadn't it occurred to us sooner?) "Anne."  

Anne is a family name several times over - it is my "middle" name, my grandmother's middle name (which I inherited), my beloved step-mom's middle name, and part of my sister's name, Anjenette (which combined too grandmother's names - Ann and Jenette).  We both liked it - finally.  And done.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Esther Anne Toler.  

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We also couldn't decide on an announcement!

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