Friday, November 28, 2014

My Homeless Thanksgiving

How much do I love this boy?
Those who read my last post will know that we have had to vacate our flat due to extensive works being done on it.

My unconventional holiday was mostly spent flitting around my Oxford college, Lady Margaret Hall.  It was wonderful to enjoy the grounds with someone who takes in and appreciates everything, even if he isn't quite 3 feet tall.  When he was not waiting to be chased or running pell-mell in to the Cherwell River to swim with the ducks, G obediently held my hand to look at every bush, tree, bird, and critter that we happened upon.

Then, while G was *suppose* to be napping under the au pair's care (he missed his afternoon for the second time in his life!), I rushed off to meetings with little Esther strapped to me.

My college hasn't seemed to mind that I've got two babies in their midst, but the reactions of many to carting babies around Oxford has been mixed--surprise, adoring, curious, and somewhat credulous that I would attempt mixing meetings and babies.  I figure, however, that I'm a breastfeeding mom, and my babies are exceptionally well behaved.  My mind can still work even though other parts of me are otherwise engaged.

It was lovely to walk through the University Park on the way to meetings.  Took my breath away.  Too bad I had too much shame to snap a picture of the man reading his paper and smoking a cigar in his coordinated tweeds and derby hat looking on a park bench like he was straight out of the 1950s.  

Entrance to the Bodleian Library

Radcliffe Camera and St. Mary's still looking as stately as ever

Codrington Library at All Souls.  They'll be sharing Blackstone's original, handwritten lecture notes with a little donor group we will be hosting in Oxon next Spring.  Love the libraries there.

The best part of the day, other than playing with my kiddos, was being saved the shame of eating Thanksgiving dinner by my lonesome. My old supervisor and current work colleague invited me to enjoy High Table at his college, Pembroke.  The fellow in charge of drinks and a second dessert in the SCR (Senior Common Room) indulged me and everyone around the table shared something they were grateful for.  Not bad for a homeless Thanksgiving.  

Homeless on Thanksgiving Day

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