Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chores: Starting them Young

OK, so this photo has nothing to do with this post - just a gratuitous photo of Esther looking cute
- hiding the receding hairline helps!

I read recently somewhere that you should involve your children in household chores and new baby care as young as possible.  (I think that was yet another wonderful tip by my sister and mother of nine in her pamphlet on how to get your newborn to sleep through the night.)

We've put the advice to practice.  Gideon, our 19-month-old, has three chores:

1) Throwing away baby sister's diapers:

Although I will often hand him a diaper to throw away, he will sometimes just see a diaper to throw away and take care of it.  He also learned to throw it in the trash compartment on the right, not the bigger recycling compartment.

2) Pushing our trundle bed under (usually with Lance and lots of grunts):

3) Putting the silverware away - sort of:

I'm thinking that cleaning up his toys is next.  He already knows how to put books away, and helps when its time to get out of the bath.  He *loves* helping - hope this lasts!


  1. Would love to know how you get your little one to help, and what you have them do! My sister, Anje, said her three-year-old would hold her newborn and sing Primary songs to her and help her get to sleep.

  2. I have no children, but this is adorable.