Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Top Tens

1. A baby girl, Esther Anne Toler, born 16 October 2014 at home in a birth pool after a labor 26 hours shorter than her brother’s.  She wakes smiling and will coo and smile whenever you give her the chance.

Hours after Esther's birth.

Just a few days ago.
2.  Five years of marriage and we haven’t killed each other yet! :-) And looking forward to another five.  

Dinner on our terrace May 23, 2014

3.  A move around the corner within our favorite London village – Primrose Hill. We are in heaven here in this home and community and feel very, very blessed to have found this space.

4.  Gideon turned one and graduated from babyhood by learning to walk and talk.  He can now tell us what he wants rather than whine (usually), with “pleases” and “thank yous” to boot! Next up: scootering…

G manhandling his first birthday cake

Stealing the show during family pics over the summer.

All grown up in Oxford
5. Lance completed another year as a Principal with Apollo’s European Principal Finance group and as bishop of our Latter-day Saint congregation.

6. Commissioned by Libya-based Rashad Consulting, I compared 18 different constitution-writing processes and distilled it into a comparison chart.  The UN shared the chart with Libya’s Constitution Drafting Assembly and the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law is publishing my summary of best constitution-writing practices based on the study this Spring.  I also continue to serve on the ConSource board and helped to start a constitutional history project at Oxford.  You can read more about my consulting work (although know that I am on maternity leave, so nothing is updated) here.

7.  Two children who generally sleep 12 hours through the night!

8.  Family reunions – one in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, another in Avilla Beach, CA, and an extended family reunion in Durango, Colorado.  To make these and a few work meetings possible, I clocked an exhausting 10 beds, 10 cities, and just as many flights within 29 days while six months pregnant toting a toddler (mostly alone), but seeing many loved ones was worth it!

Extended Updike reunion in Durango, CO.

John and Janet Updike reunion in Sheboygan, WI. 

Toler Family reunion in Avilla Beach, CA.

9. Hosting 4 out of 5 grandparents for Esther’s baby blessing the last weekend in 2014.

10. Janet Tanner Updike (Lorianne’s step-mom) outliving the prognosis for her stage four brain cancer by five months. Your faith and prayers in this regard are appreciated.

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