Monday, February 23, 2015

Pushing Two

We went to the Pepa Pig flick with G's friends.  I don't really know what the fuss is all about - terrible animation, but somewhat witty scripting.  Am I missing something?

You know your child is almost two when:

1) They say "yeah" in their sweet little voice, think about it, then say "no."

2) They obediently give the toy back, leave crying, think about it, then return to hit the toy user (but not take the toy).

3) They ask "why" at least 10 times a day (I have no idea where he picked this up).

4) Your sweet, gentle child starts hitting.

5) They start telling you what they need, rather than just becoming really crabby (I love this one!).

6) You wonder if they are old enough to take to the cinema, and they are!

7) You then think they are ready for children's musical theatre, and they are definitely not.

8) They start to get the zoo, and link together pictures of animals, toy animals, and real animals.

9) Baby gym becomes boring.

10) They start entertaining your next child.

My favourite recent development is that when I ask Gideon if he needs a time out, he will invariably say "yeah" and run to the bathroom so I can count to thirty, which I think he likes.  Is it effective if they actually enjoy it?

So what is the best and worst of having a two year old?  What should I prepare for?

They are actually developing a relationship - warms my cockles, it does.  He'll not only hug her now, but try to make her laugh.

seeing the real thing 
He's now one of the big kids that can do everything at baby gym.

The babysitter backed out at the last minute, so I had to take G to baby massage.  He was darling and tried his best to help other mothers massage their babies.  This one was crabby, and he tried to sooth it.

Can you see the dimple?

First children's musical theatre.  We might need to wait another year or so before taking him to something else like this.  

Seconds before she rolled over for the first time today!

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