Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Shake shack shade challenge

Family are the best kind of people.  They can never get rid of you; at least, not that easily.  And it's more people to love - and to love you.

I especially like the family of the cousin variety.  Many of my favourite people are also my cousins.  I'd like to replicate that experience for my munchkins.

Luckily, my sister feels the same way and brought her two fantastic boys (out of 9 fabulous children) to visit last week.

It was wonderful to see how Gideon completely idolised his big cousins.  He was ultimately concerned that he be wherever the "guys" were, and to watch especially Logan take care of his little related people (changing a diaper by persuasion was a personal favourite - "OK Gideon, you need to lie down, like this." [demonstration with arms reaching out over head, which Gideon attempts - sort of, but not long enough to get the old diaper off and the new on]).

First meeting at Ye Old Chessire Cheese Company pub -
G was just pleased as punch to be sitting by the "guys," tired as he was.

Holding on because Anje had told Jack and Logan to.

Inns of Court with Joss 

No children under 11 in Middle Temple Hall, so we got to eat at the local pub.

Love the Beefeater tour at the Tower this time 'round.

Railway Children - loved the steam train, could have done without two of the actors.

Afternoon tea at Oxford.  First time in a high chair!

Hampton Court - bucket list check!

G finally out of the stroller after a long day at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court

Can you see the massive smile on G's face? Possibly his favourite part of the trip - just chillin' with the guys.

Royal mews

After seeing so much of London with cousins, we decided to see more of our own back yard/garden.  Spring is here!

Hard to capture how cute and fun-loving this little peanut is!  That's a tutu, in case you were wondering.

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