Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lazy Do-Nothing Days

makeup less cuddle in the jammies
I love a cheese commercial here about "lazy do-nothing days."  We've had a lot of those recently - staying here at home playing with the kiddos and enjoying our back garden/yard.

Other than our big church day today, we kept our weekend purposely simple: having Gideon's best friend over, reading or playing in the back garden, taking a walk in Primrose Hill, making Thai food and having an old friend over Friday night.  Last night, we had a very simple date night bike ride up Frognal (gorgeous!) to Sandy Heath - a woodsy part of Hampstead Heath.  Simple and wonderful, and cost us less than £10.  Lance and I re-confirmed that we want to live in the woods someday - perhaps soon.

my fav cheeky smile

Esther hung out on a blanket all the while, happy as a clam.


Somehow these amazing British gardeners always manage to have something blooming in the royal parks. 

Les, how's that boka?
Hampstead Heath bike riding

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