Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nursery Tour

I grew up with a teepee, so it's a must for our nursery.
Have "nesting" urges ever been scientifically studied?  If not, it should be.  In the last six weeks before Esther was born, I made a new liner for her newborn trug, bought and repainted a piano, purchased, painted, shabby-chiced and recovered a piano bench, sewed a piano runner, sewed a hearth cover/couch and cushions, purchased, recovered, trimmed, and made a matching pillow for our arm chair.

In comparison, in the last seven months since Esther has been born, the *only* homemaky thing I have done is sewn bunting for the nursery.  Granted, it took 50 hours, give or take, but that's really it.

Now that it's done, I can now "show" you around our nursery.  Hope you like it.

I made the bunting out of our old ottoman cover, and made the pillows for our old living room, plus a few IKEA pillows.  I love this IKEA bed - it was a pain to put together, but it slides out to a double, has storage drawers regardless of the size of the bed, and makes for a very comfy nursery couch during the day.  Our au pair sleeps here by night.

One day at Kentish Town Farm, we ran into an autistic artist who was selling these wonderful original pen and ink & water-colour originals for £2/piece.  I think I made his day by purchasing 6 - four for our nursery, and two for a friend.  We should have gotten more.  I love them!  The IKEA frames were also about £2, making for very colourful and very inexpensive original(!) wall art.

We flipped our old IKEA book cases (no longer sold, unfortunately) on their side to make a changing table that, with our deep windowsill, makes a very safe table top for both our babes. 

baby girl shoes

We put the clothes for G and E in the grey boxes for quick changing access and the books on the bottom so G can get to them easily and, hopefully, help inspire him to love reading.  So far, so good! 

A word on toys.  I, like Lesley with clothes, am very careful about what we bring into our nursery.  I figure I have to look at our toys lying all around the house, so I better like them, so I try to only buy wooden and/or vintage toys.  And these kind of classic toys have already stood the test of time and can hold up under any and all toddler abuse.  Apparently, other children have started to notice.  A little boy at church today said after seeing Gideon's treasured police car, below, that he got the prize for coolest toy cars!  My favourites will continue to be the semi trucks that Grandpa Toler used as a little boy, pictured in the teepee, below.  G has finally figured out how to hitch up the trailers and beds and it warms my heart to think he might just be able to live up to his Toler farming family expectations.  

Almost all of our plastic toys are bath toys, or reside tucked away in the IKEA pockets I sewed into the teepee, making it a giant--and organised!--toybox. I also regularly weed out undesirable or broken toys.  But we really don't acquire many toys, and those few very carefully.  Gideon is now obsessed with dinosaurs and motorcycles (like father, like son), so those will be the next toys we buy for him.  Likely a Schleich dinosaur and a vintage Triumph motorcycle.  Esther has very, very few toys at this point - mostly things she can chew on - but I have my eye on a dollhouse for her!

After seeing these pictures, you may be wondering where Gideon and Esther sleep!  G sleeps in the walk-in closet/cupboard to the left of the changing table/bookcase in his sleep tent.  Esther sleeps in the very large en suite bathroom.  As blogged previously, each then has their own space, leaving the main nursery for play and wrestling with dad.

Nursery sources: Almost everything here is either IKEA, handmade, or vintage. Handmade: wall quilt (by Lance's sister, Jacquie); quilt on changing table (by childhood friend Kodie Ruzicka); wall art by Robbie McGregor; colour wreath by Brittany Watson Jepsen, aka The House that Lars Built; bunting and pillows by yours truly.  Vintage: rider train (Kempton), toy semis (Grandpa Toler), double decker bus (eBay), Noah's ark (Kempton), Beatrix Potter set (Haye-on-Wye), Children's Homer (same), Diaper box (Portobello Rd), art chair (Kempton), abacus (Kempton).  IKEA: rug, changing table/bookcase, all colour frames, bed and bedding, teepee pockets, multicolour pillow, art easel.   John Lewis: Sleepyhead changing matt.  Slanchogled in Camden: Camelot mobile.  100 Acres: teepee. Oliver Bonas: tea stand. Thrifted: sheepskin rug. Benneton: teddy bear.

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