Saturday, June 20, 2015

Royal Encounter

"Dover, move your bloomin' a**!"  blurted Eliza Doolittle, to the horror of most and the delight of one Freddie Eynsford-Hill in my one-time favorite movie, My Fair Lady.   And so began my fascination with Royal Ascot.

Today, Ascot remains the pinnacle of the British Season, and finds the British at their finest. 

My recent trip on Ascot opening day this last Tuesday will be a highlight of my time on this isle, and has made my fascination and delight run even deeper.  I had an absolute ball, especially making peoples' day by asking to take their photograph for my fashion post.*

The highlight was seeing the Queen for the first time, along with Prince Charles and Camilla and, my personal favorite, Harry.  He is just as affable in real life as he seems to be, making jokes, serving in small ways, and putting people at ease.

(This is closest I'll come to posting on fashion, as the every day diversity and heterogeneity combined with the mummy world mean I have no idea what truly is British fashion!  At Ascot, with so much true British strain, I think we get a fairly good (and good-looking!) sampling:)

I went with my cousin, Rachel, and her adorable daughter, Lily.

Our train contained almost only Ascot-goers

She told me she had gotten the hat for 30p.  Bless her.

Possibly my fav dress of the day.  How cute is she?

First glimpse of the queen in pink in the first royal carriage.

Queen in pink!
Harry watchers

reminded me of Van Gogh's Almond Blossom painting

how cute is she?

I stumbled upon a fortieth birthday celebration!

I love the simple elegance of these outfits

what's wrong with this picture?....

most awkward mother-daughter family photo ever. 

almost didn't allow me to take his photo - the only "Royal Enclosure" person to do so

The only baby I saw there - complete with hat!


After racing to catch the train!

Small Wonders

* We have been attempting to potty train G (I quit this morning, but more on that latter) with the use of a favorite Netflix show, Umy Zoomy (sp?).  Anyway, he's obsessed with the show, and asks for it ad nauseum.  When attempting to follow our normal routine of showing him children's scriptures that are a tiny bit animated (mostly pictures and voiceover) on the iPad during breakfast, he will say, "No Jesus!"  This is clearly not working!
* G has started to request songs, including, as he says, "I Got This," meaning "Got You Where I Want You" by the flies.
* E has started sitting for long stretches, and will play stand up, sit down with us now, where she sits down immediately after standing up and thinks it is just hilarious.  Her first joke.
* G will often ask for "shoulders," or for Lance to take him for a walk on his shoulders.  When Lance sighs a bit or rearranges G's slim back side, G will say "heavy."
* G is starting to show his sensitive side by asking when upset or in pain, "Are you ok?"
* Mr. Toler and I rarely call each other by our first names - only when very, very angry.  Instead, we refer to each other as "babe," sometimes calling out to each other from across the house.  G will now call Lance "babe," especially when he really wants something.  In the morning when he wants to get out of his tent, I can hear him calling for Lance: "Babe! Baaaaabe!"
* E sneezed the other morning and G said, "Bless you!" Have no idea where he got that from.
* We now use the vintage pram as a raised play pen.  It's absolutely brilliant and I *love* looking at it.  Lance isn't so convinced, and vows he won't be seen in public in it.


  1. Best post ever. I can't tell you how jealous I am! I love the Lacey dresses and the florals and the hats of course. What a fun day! I would totally geek out to see the Queen. I just love her. Ahhhh!

  2. My girls and I fell in love with fascinators after watching Will & Kate's royal wedding. One of my twins decided to be Kate Middleton for Halloween, so I took a try at making one for her costume and it was so fun to make--and turned out pretty well! Do you think the queen was wearing pink to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte? It seems like I read somewhere that she had done that, but not sure if it was for this event. What a cool experience!

  3. Anne - thanks! I had more fun than I want to admit. Next time - you and me? Janika - Have you posted a picture somewhere? Would love to see! And I did hear that, but not sure about the dress at Ascot. Doesn't get much more British than Ascot. Definitely worth doing before I die!