Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time Out of Mind

Camden Watch Company co-founders, Jerome Robert and Anneke Short

Every once in a while, you meet one of those delightful people whose humanity is refreshingly accessible and you walk away feeling as if your life is better for having met them, however briefly.

I met such a person this last week, and remember him and his open kindness each time I look at my wrist. 

Enter Jerome Robert of the Camden Watch Company, recently of a fairly well known Swiss watch company (but we can't say just what, wink wink).

Lance had told me of a great watch shop in Camden Markets, just down the canal from our home.  They sold watches like my own Daniel Wellington with its removal bands - perfect for the whimsical ribbon and scarf collection I wear with my Daniel Wellington face.  Only that my Daniel Wellington had a cracked glass face, so Lance encouraged me to look here instead of yet again replacing the glass. 

As I walked into the shop, I was immediately struck with the detail of the design quality, the shabby chic industrial antiques on display with the watches (I'm obviously a total sucker), the beauty of the watches, and then, finally, with the openness of the man behind the counter.

We are moving (don't ask where to - it's complicated.  Let's just say I'll likely be a vagabond with two children on regular Skype calls with an invisible husband/daddy for at least a few months!), and I noticed that they had a metal cabinet somewhat similar to ours. 

After being shown around the shop and their beautiful array of watches, all designed based on Camden's industrial past and present vibrancy (and named after buses that run through Camden - clever!) and very well priced (cheaper than Daniel Wellingtons, but possibly higher quality), I asked whether they'd like another metal cabinet with drawers we needed to get rid of. 

"Sounds great," said Jerome, "can we give you a watch in return?"

After recovering from the shock, I quickly said that it wouldn't be a fair trade - ours was a shabby metal cabinet.  Nonsense, came the reply.  He liked doing things like this.

I didn't quite believe him, but I needed to get rid of the metal cabinet - and fast - movers arrive in two days, so I swung the cabinet by on the family cargo bike at my first opportunity.  To my surprise and delight, they had a lady's watch waiting for me, all boxed up in beautiful industrial packaging.  I snapped a few photos to prove this wonderful thing actually happened, and walked away still stunned by the good fortune of meeting people who were as kind as they were talented.

See how terrible our (short) metal cabinet looks next to their cool mid-century antique cabinet?  But they were so excited bout it.

I got this watch in silver.  Their adds say "suitable for the boudoir, for the ballroom, and for business" - quite!

 p.s. they have FREE international shipping!...


  1. This is so cool! I want one! Good luck with the move! Hope you aren't going far. Ben and I want to come visit you in the next 2-5 years (haha!)