Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plane Tales (and Other Stories)

Love Lance's "kakkak" (backpack) as my boys set off on their morning adventure

Our lives have been (and will continue to be) a bit chaotic.  The last bit has witnessed the following for our little familia:

* Getting rid of several of our possessions and packing up the rest into three storage containers, presently situated in the UK
* Taking two babies and three months' worth of stuff to the U.S.
* Adjusting to a new time zone
* My computer getting soaked
* Attempting - and failing - to potty train Gideon (more in another post0
* We said goodbye - although we don't know for how long - to our friends in the UK
* Lance getting an eleventh hour job offer - in the UK! - which we'll try out for the next bit
* Checking out towns in the North East
* Celebrating July 4th in Boston and Concord, MA with dear friends

I give you this post in similar chaotic fashion!

I got a vintage pram, and it has been brilliant as a raised play pen while potty training...

We took a last ride to church for a while

With more raucous wrestling from our babes

sold a bunch of stuff, including our china-make wrought iron bed

said goodbye to our au pair, Danna, a massive blessing!

watched far too many episodes of "Umizoomy" during the chaos

insisted on hanging with dad despite our ill-clad appearance

rediscovered Sunday walks
tried to allow G some time outside of the house

Failed at family pictures!

enjoyed this little girl getting older
This little girl was an angel on the flight out

And this little boy got away with watching five hours straight of "Umizoomy" 

Sometimes we fell asleep with goldfish in our mouths

And stumbled into strawberry picking in New Hampshire

and ate so many we had to quit early

Felt like I was back in England in looking at St. Paul's high school in Concord, NH

Loved getting reacquainted with dear friends, the Claytons

roaming the streets of Boston

Staying way past our bedtimes!

Concord Mass was charming in many ways, including for its ingenuity

Small Wonders:
* Gideon would escape into the office by saying "I checkin' my email" - something he must have heard Lance say
* Esther started backwards crawling today!
* Gideon will request specific songs sung by specific people - mostly "I got this" (Got you where I want you by the Flies) by "daddy."  If he likes it, he will say "good song!"  He has also started singing along to Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC song, The Wheels on the Bus, and Got You Where I Want You
* when Gideon really wants something from Lance, he will say "Babe!" from across the house usually - something I say when calling for him
* Gideon has started chiming in on what he is thankful for in his prayers - "Iori" (his best friend), "Esther," "zoomy," "friends," "Mommy," "Daddy," and "close the door" (??)
* Esther just today learned to shake her head and is doing it constantly
* Gideon is showing us his best two-year-old behavior by using lots of "no's" - "no food," "no bottle" "no song"

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