Thursday, September 17, 2015

5 Ways to Save Money on Babies

We are scraping together our pennies to a buy a home, and so have been learning new ways to save on our babies.  Here's what I have learned:

1. Squooshies (pictured above) are amazing.  Once upon a time, I silently criticized mothers for using pouches for their kids.  Then, as I traveled and my son became increasingly picky, pouches became my life-saver. In England I used the Ella's Kitchen brand (in the States, only available at Walmart) - organic and available in whole meal options with protein.  Gideon would eat nothing else.  Of course, it was also the most expensive option, pricing out at about 10% of our weekly food budget.  Yikes!

Then I discovered these lovelies on Amazon and bought them with points.  Cheaper than their animal alternatives and, so far, NEVER refused by my babies!  I put in sweet potatotes, green drink, yoghurt,  our morning roasted vegetable, and any soups I make.  Viola!

2. Freecycle.  I needed a bouncer/saucer/jumper for Esther, my babe who has trouble napping and has boundless energy - I needed to wear her out!  I first bought one at Walmart for $45, then found one at a second hand children's store for $20, then finally heard back from a woman on Free cycle that I could go pick up her $90 jumperoo on her boyfriend's back porch.  Loving the love.

3.  Yard sales.  Oh, American yard sales, how I have missed you!  I never did figure out the English equivalent of boot sales, but I invariably stop whenever I see one these days.  Lance says I have a problem, but the prices beat out any thrift or consignment shop.   As our Victorian potty and enamel bowl are in storage and Gideon's time had come, I purchased this beauty at a yard sale for $3.  It flushes with a song and detects when business has been done with praise and aplumb.  Gideon's success has skyrocketed. Hurray!

4.  Get and use Amazon points.  Anything you can buy at Target you can get on Amazon, and there is better variety and better prices online. The beauty of living State-side is that we can use our American Express points on Amazon (you have to ship to the American address on file with the card), and I've gotten everything from wipes to training pants to new shoes there without spending a dime.  I'm investigating Prime and the family plan.

5. Use the Library.  Our children's books are of course in storage.  To keep our babes reading and being read to, I've maximized my free access to books at the local library.  They also have DVDs and puzzles available for check out.

What are the ways you have found to save money on babies and children?  Please share!  I'd love any and all ideas.  Considering using washable diapers - any mums/mothers out there who love them?

Small Wonders

* G is obsessed with General Conference, and prefers it to his animated scripture videos.  How do I argue with that?1
* G's favorite explitive of the week is "Oh B'Gosh!"
* E is standing!

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