Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Day Out With the Kids in Boston

One reason we have moved to the Granite State is to be within striking distance of Boston, my favorite US town.  It has always felt European to me - rich with history, varied but leaning towards older architecture, messy, accidental streets, but still imminently walkable.

A few weeks ago, before we made the move up from our temporary landing spot in Belmont, MA, I took the kids into Boston for a morning and visited a few favorite haunts from my childhood and a few new ones in Beacon Hill.

1. First Stop: Beacon Hill - We took the T from Harvard Square to Charles MGH and walked up Charles Street.  If I ever own property in Boston, I'd want it in this neighborhood.

Even the Post Office in Beacon Hill was charming.

A shout out to my Oxford MST dissertation topic
2.  Children's Shops

There are two upscale children's shops on Charles Street - two of three or four in Boston.  Now I know where to get Petit Bateau onesies when I can't make it to Paris...

3. Public Gardens, circa 1837

These Gardens are the most English I've seen outside of England, and that's saying something - absolutely beautiful, with perfectly manicured vistas from every angle.

4. Make Way For Ducklings

A favorite childhood favorite - both the book for which this statue is named, and the statue where I got my picture taken with my siblings 24 years ago (yikes!) while on our cross-country trip.

5. Swan Boat Tour

As picturesque as it looks - I had a fun time making sure two children didn't dive into the shallow depths of the pond.

see the actual swan on the duck island ramp?

6. Wade pool in Frog Pond (not pictured).

From the Swan Boats, we made our way north pas the frolickers in Frog Pond to catch the Park T at the top of the park.  Had I left a little earlier, the kids would have been able to go swimming for free!

Small Wonders:

* Gideon is very good at always putting away his trains, even without being asked.  If it is time to eat, or go, or pray, he'll start putting them away, and not stop tidying until the lid is on and the box stowed in its place.  He'll also throw bits of garbage away that he finds around the house.
* The other morning, G wanted to pray, watch General Conference during breakfast, drink his green drink, and eat strawberries.  Glad we've got our two year old to keep us on our spiritual and dietary toes!
* We took Gideon to the state fair the other day (pics below) - he kissed the goats and sheep and carried on one-way conversations: "Hi, how are you?  Ya, good."
* Gideon was very concerned the other day when Esther's seatbelt was inappropriately fastened, and kept saying "Esther seat belt!" till we fixed it.
* Esther has begun to terrorize her older brother.  Usually we need to discipline G for hitting Esther, but it turns out that she is instigating.  Now that she is crawling, she'll come over at ramming speed and poke an eye or bite.  She thinks it's funny.  I've had to start disciplining her.
* I've now taught Esther to stand up, sit down, flip, jump to me in the pool, and kiss on queue.  And maybe clap.  Early days there.
* Esther pulled herself up to standing all on her own this week!
First time eating ice-cream

Too cold, mamma!
Gidditto and his goats

Gideon also found another love at the fair - tractors!

Poppy, this one's for you!

He had to wear his seatbelt on every tractor

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