Sunday, October 18, 2015

10 Surprising Healthy Baby Snacks & Esther turns 1!

We have a few food issues in our family - all four members have something they are sensitive to in some way, be it gluten, dairy, sugar, or high-carb foods.  Add to that a picky two year old and an insatiable one year old, and eating is somewhat of a landmine in these parts!

To ease the stress of eating, I've attempted to find foods that have a common denominator within our family and that meet the baby barometer - easy finger foods that are yummy.  Here are my go-tos(all of which can be put in baggies for the road):

1. Roasted veggies.  Early in our marriage, Lance taught me how to combine cubed root veggies and squashes, rosemary, thyme, liberal olive oil, salt, and pepper (and the obligatory garlic and onion) in a roasting pot, stir it over one-two hours till all are crispy for a delicious ready food that lasts for four or five days.  I add it to eggs for a breakfast main, as a side for a roast-up, and serve cold to my toddlers.  If they haven't been turned purple by the beets, both toddlers love them.

2. Roasted parsnips.  This well-kept British secret veggie is delectable split and roasted on broil with olive oil and rock salt (sometimes I add honey).  My two year old thinks they are fries - perfect!

3. Cashews.  These are soft enough for a one year old and have high protein levels. 

4. Green drink in refillable pouches. Almost every morning, I blend an apple, a pear, frozen grapes, and kale into a smoothie my family loves for breakfast.  I put the leftovers in refillable pouches for lunch on the go.

5. Sweet potatoes in a refillable pouch.  Often on a morning, I'll turn the oven to 400 F, wash a couple of sweet potatoes (yams, really) and whack them in the oven for an hour or so - till they smell really sweet.  I then will simply empty the squishy contents into a pouch or two for lunch or later.

6. Olives!  These things are filled with good fat and never are a great kid draw for a non-sweet finger food.

7. Canned corn.  OK, so this isn't exactly low carbs, but the kids love it and it is great out of the can!

8. Cucumbers.  If I am late with breakfast, I will cut up a cucumber quickly to keep the kids occupied while I finish the veggie, protein, and shake for them.

9. Bacon.  Who doesn't love bacon?  I limit their intake to 1/2-1 slice a day/every other day, but it is always popular, high in fat, low in sugar, with just a little protein.

10. Brussels Sprouts.  Halved and steamed followed by fried with a little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, these mini cabbages are eaten by my picky two year old and the whole family. Love them.

What are your tricks to getting babes to eat well? Do share!

Small Wonders

* Esther turned 1 this week!  We celebrated with proper pictures, a lapsit at the library, and a harvest party with her new favorite people.
* E stood for five seconds all on her own on her birthday!
* Gideon is getting really good at his chores - taking the diapers downstairs and throwing them in the dumpster (being careful not to spill his milk, which he also carries) and picking up the food thrown on the floor by his sister.  The latter he stills needs coaching, but is pretty great once he gets going.

We visited Searle Castle this week, an English Tudor replica here in New Hampshire.  Usually closed to the public, they let us explore while the nuns were away!
This door came from Windsor Castle!
Esther is into kissing recently.  Her kisses aren't always welcomed!
silliness with daddy
her favorite new grandma!


  1. After having a picky autistic daughter, my answer is, anything she'll eat. Haha! Sweet Esther is so beautiful. I'm glad she had a great birthday. You are an amazing mother, no surprise :)

  2. You are so kind! I didn't know you had an autistic daughter! I've heard gluten is not the best for them, but I'm with you, I'll take whatever Gideon will eat.

  3. A month ago I headed off to my neighborhood Organic Market and they let me know that the Green energy drinks were most likely the best, so I purchased it. I truly had no clue which one to try for.