Sunday, October 25, 2015

A New England Fall

Be careful what you wish for!  My family (specifically, my little sister) has been pestering me for more pics of the kids.  So here they are - a full two months' worth! - of all our fall activities.  Forgive me for not making separate posts -it's been a fairly busy time with variable technology.

I said it on Instagram (@allamericanmum), but I'll say it here: my London homesickness has been gratefuly assuaged by the beauty of this New England fall, which I understand has been the best in years.  It is not adequately captured here - how can the world's most diverse collection of hardwood trees in full splendor be conveyed on any blog- but you can get a sense for our long, mostly warm fall.

We kicked it off with apple picking at Gould's Hill farm, just up the street from where we will be living in Hopkinton.  It is ranked the fourth prettiest apple orchard - don't ask me for the first three - and involves stunning views inadequately captured here.  Grateful this farm will be close (but also grateful we won't be paying the extra "view tax" incurred by residents on the hill).  

We have enjoyed several walks in the woods, both locally here in Manchester and in Hopkinton.  I'm always surprised at just how close the woods are here, and I am loving the local, rural feel it brings.

This little boy loves the ducks and the water!


Babes in the Woods


one of my all-time fav pics of Lance
from a walk-in-the-woods date night

As part of Hopkinson's 250th Anniversary, a colonial troop came up and did a ammunition demonstration, a cooking demonstration, and a surveying demonstration on the town pond (do I love that there is a town pond?) in full Revolutionary enactment gear.

John Stark Park just as the leaves were changing.

John Stark is the author of the state moto, Live Free or Die.  A Revolutionary war hero.

Another trip to Gould Hill Farm

The local library did a train party.  Gideon was beside himself with glee.

We made it up to Lake Winnipesaki - it was gorgeous!

Bury my feet, mommy!

We made it to Bailey's Bubble for Maine Black Bear (yum!) and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Sillies on the front porch.

We discovered Carter Hill Farm/Orchard by accident on a cold Sunday drive and were delighted by their truck collection and giant sandbox.  Gideon insisted we go back to play with the tractors.

This apple orchard also has a beautiful view.

Small Wonders:

* Esther has started "singing" along to music, and Gideon has started improvising songs.
* Gideon has started asking for two, five, or twenty more minutes before moving on to the next task - at least he's learning math!
* Gideon, when upset, will pump his fist in the air, punctuating each word: "I've had enough!"
* Lance and I were talking while Gideon was doing business in the bathroom.  He came out, half nude, saying, "No make a funny, daddy - I tryin' to poop!"
* Gideon will tell us to "chill out" when we are upset - I have no idea where he figured that out!
*G's latest expletive: "Man, man man!"


  1. My daughter's in-laws live in will love it! We have our family reunions at Lake Winnipesaukie every couple of years...the water is so much warmer than I expected. Your children are darling! Keep enjoying life!

  2. How fun! Who are they - I'm sure we will run into them at some point! Fun to learn about Lake Winni's water - I do love that place.