Sunday, October 4, 2015

In the Still of the Morning

Taken *not* in the still of the morning, but during a date night hike at dusk in our soon-to-be new town.
Almost all of my necklaces double as toys.  Actually, almost my entire wardrobe doubles as work Skyp-able and kid-play survivable. 
Moving to the US has involved many changes, one of which has been doing without our au pair or any form of permanent childcare (I did see her while in London this week - it was wonderful!).

That means I have learned how to work without childcare, getting up in the wee hours as needed to write and read and utilizing nap time (my hypothetical two hours when both children are sleeping) for calls and short emails.  This in addition to my spiritual regime of praying and reading.

I'm actually finding that I am more effective than I have ever been since working from home.  I don't know if it is blessings or the ability to concentrate with a fresh mind in the morning or uninterrupted morning time (I work from the deck and Lance is on call starting at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.)--or a combination of all of the above--but I am loving it.  And I'm crossing my fingers for greater work success.

I am also loving the extra time I have with the children.  Once Esther is up from nap time (but Gideon is still asleep - crazy that my nearly one-year-old needs less sleep!), I do "school" with her, teaching her songs, commands, and reading to her.  Then, when Gideon is up, I do more age-appropriate teaching for him.  The love the one-on-one time and I feel myself enjoying them so much more (quite possibly because they have less behavioral issues because they are getting the mommy time they need?).

The best part is that, by 7:00 or 7:15 I will have (usually) been able to read my scriptures, pray, gotten some solid work task in, showered, and am ready to devout myself to my family.  Thank heavens for a husband who facilitates my early morning addictions.  It makes me a very different woman and one who is much more contented with her full-time day job.

Small Wonders:

* Overheard in the bathroom: "Daddy, are you ok? Are you frustrated?"
* Overheard in the car: "Don't worry, boots, we'll get out soon!"
* Gideon feels the Spirit by going quiet and paying attention; Esther feels the Spirit and kisses- everything.  Fun to watch when during recent General Conference both of them felt it.