Sunday, November 15, 2015

A New Hampshire Secret

Imagine original recipes, onsite or locally-sourced eggs, potatoes, bacon, maple syrup, vintage surrounds, family style eating, and a vintage playground, petting zoo, hayrides and pony rides thrown in for good measure, and you have a destination pancake house in the wilds of New England.

Enter Heritage Farm Pancake House.  Run by two families of five children each (with one on the way), the family charm exudes and touches all aspects of the work: a vintage toy corner in the attic dinning area allows adults to eat while children play with the owners' two year old tot, teenagers work the griddle, and a senior in high school helps to busk your table.

The food was absolutely delicious - sometimes a pancake is just a pancake, but their white raspberry, pumpkin, and lemon berry pancakes were just about the best I've ever eaten, including even Eastern Market's bluebucks in Washington, DC (with better variety).  Gideon's gluten-free pancakes were even delectable.  The pig that the bacon came from must have been slaughtered the day before, and my heavens the eggs were surely laid that morning.  Only teeny tiny critiques: the butter could have been room temperature, more maple syrup please (but those little bottles are delightful), and for heavens sake, get a frothing machine so you can serve real hot chocolate!!

All that said, I envision trekking to Sanbornton on a regular basis to enjoy breakfast and a morning play and, occasionally, one of your catered special dinners.  I also want that hayride -or perhaps once the snow sets in, we can get a sleigh ride!!

Had the first snow fall while we were there - a magical place to watch it.  We were cozy inside and from the attic window by our table, I was able to teach Gideon about snow - his first.
Why will I never learn to feed G *before* we arrive at a restaurant?  Distractions, including and especially toys, are so much cooler than food to this kid.  Someday he'll discover it.  

Esther playing in toy corner. I put the kids in the car in their jammies, packed their clothes in a bag, then summarily left it by the door! Oh well - at least she was warm!
Rachel Swain, one of the owners.  Quite the ham, a great cook and manager, and (obviously) totally down to earth.

Their families own most of the surrounding land.

Gideon loved playing with the big tractors outside and in.  The only way I could pry him away was to promise him one for Christmas - Poppy and Wowie, can you oblige??? 

Can you see the fruity pebbles donut??

Leftover breakfast is never wasted, though I don't think they quite appreciated the lemon berry pancake!

Hi blue eyes!!
Small Wonders

* "I'm struggling," said Gideon matter-of-factly as he had a hard time hoisting himself into the car one morning.
* One day when Lance was upset, Gideon told him "Just calm down, daddy."
* I have not taught him it, but am very encouraging of Gideon when he says, "No thanks."
* Gideon's been a bit ill and grumpy recently.  He emphatically told us at one point, "I want something!" not knowing what it was but wanting to express that he was thinking of a demand.
* Esther's personality is really coming through.  It's clear that she is a tease and a ham, and will do almost anything to get you to laugh.  Often she will do naughty things just to get attention, and squeal with delight when found out.  Recent episodes include splashing in the toilet bowl, finding G's special blanket, crawling into his sleep tent, and rolling around with it clenched in her mouth to the tune of delicious laughter.

Pretty please pretend these aren't blown out!! Why didn't the camera light sensor work, eh?

Reading to the library dog

Sorry it's sidewise - spent way too long on this blog already! - but had to document G's creativity and resourcefulness.  I told him that if he got three stickers a day for being obedient, he could get a tractor for Christmas (yes, I'm milking it).  Well, he was all into the sticker chart, but then wanted a tractor after getting one sticker.  I explained he needed lots and lots of stickers before he got a tractor.  Right mom, I got this one.  He promptly disappeared and emerged with a chart full of stickers.  "I get a tractor, please!"  At lest he's not dumb.  (and yes, those are essential oil stickers!) 

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