Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tales in Potty Training


This week is try #3 with potty training G.  I hope it sticks.

The first time, back in London (from which these pics were taken), G was 2 1/4.  His little friends were getting it, it was warm, and he seemed interested, so I ventured. I did the three days at home, lots of time on the potty, but gave up in frustration after a few weeks when I couldn't stomach the behavioral issues connected to all the cartoon-watching on the potty.  That and it was too stressful preparing to move Stateside.  Now I realize he was too young, and I should never have attempted before such a big move.

The second time was in Manchester, NH, before we moved to Hopkinton.  I gave up also after three weeks when I realized I was potty trained (if I took him every two hours, all was well), but not him.

This time, his verbal skills are much advanced (speaking in complete sentences and, often, complete paragraphs - my sister of the nine children believes this is the sign that other neurological systems are advance enough to allow them mastery of themselves) and he often exhibited the interest and requisite self-knowledge.  It's now day six.  Progress has been made, but I'm again having doubts.  He only takes the initiative when he is completely naked and otherwise I need to coax him onto the potty every three or four hours.

I'm feeling a little bit deflated and like a complete novice parent.  Is he having accidents because its a control thing?  Is it just self-knowledge once all the layers are on?  Is it that he gets so distracted?  Is he still too young? I'm amazed that my sense of successful parenting is so keenly connected to this mysterious new adventure - if he fails (again), *I* will feel like a failure!

Would appreciate any and all advice from you successful parents out there!
Because of course the cars should accompany you at all times, right?

We took the potty with us to the park even.
Small Wonders:

* We got to see Grandpa Updike this week, and it was wonderful.  Kids got to see and develop relationships with the grandparent they probably know the least (his wife, Janet Tanner, has brain cancer).  When G said goodbye to him at the airport, he just didn't let go - for several minutes.  He now regularly asks where grandpa is.
* G is continually concerned about where everyone is - cousins, grandparents, and friends.  I often pull out a globe to help explain where everyone is - Charlie and Harvey are in London, Iori in Turkey, Logan, Truman, Preston and Aunt G (Anje) in Wisconsin, Grandpa in Utah, Uncle Peter, Weston and Nina in Texas, Aunt Caroline in Utah, and Wowie and Poppy in California.
* G completed a 62 piece puzzle by himself this week.  Now on to 100 pieces!  (Is this normal for a two year old?)
* Esther continues trying to walk everywhere.  She proved to be quite the fish at swimming this week.

We visited the Harvard Art Museums together

G was fascinated by the statues (takes after his daddy), and loved this statue by Rhodin.
By far G's favorite part of our trek to Harvard was getting into the police car

My little water babe.

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  1. This is from Nana; 3 boys of my own, 6 boy grandchildren and a Pediatrician for a husband (boys father and Grandfather). He suggested not worrying about it until they are 3 years old, unless of course they exhibit interest, then by all means try it out. Boys normally don't really get it until about 3, (sometimes a few months before and sometimes a month or so older). Also, please don't connect your parenting skills to something that you have no control over. You are a great Mom. G's little brain has just not matured enough to connect the need, with the sensation and then remember what action to take. When you think about it potty training is really a very complicated set of skills to learn. You're doing a fabulous job!!