Sunday, March 20, 2016

Maple Sugaring

Barbara Lassonde of Beaver Meadowbrook Farm showing Gideon where the sap comes out

One of the proud traditions and exports of New Hampshire is our maple syrup.  Too time intensive to provide anyone their primary means of support, it is nonetheless a hobby of passion for some around here.

Lucky for us, the yearly "Kearsarge Maple Festival" is in our backyard in neighboring Warner (if you are ever looking for a picturesque New England town, look no further!).  A half dozen maple farms open up their sugar house for free tours and samples of all things maple syrup, the local church runs a pancake breakfast (with maple syrup, of course!), and the Native American, Little Nature, and Telephone Museums open their doors and teach about different aspects of "mapling." Activities range from eating "sugar on snow" to examining maple tree slices and learning how the Native Americans made maple syrup.  I'm guessing this will become a yearly tradition for our little brood.

One tap per tree is all that is needed.

You can peak at my slaughter of a haircut on our poor daughter!

New Hampshire Sugar House

G had just asked Lance, "what's going on?"

Esther loved her Maple Syrup snacks

Looks like we picked the right Maple Farm to visit!

Don and Barbara Lassonde maple farm as a passion, but have other jobs to provide their livelihood.

Small Wonders 
* Esther is walking EVERYWHERE, even if she isn't great.  This morning she tried to run as she cheekily tried to get through the dinning room and go upstairs - something she knows she is not suppose to do on her own.
* E will chortle with delight each time she gets to try something new, like sitting on a park picnic table all by herself to eat her lunch, sitting by herself on the church pew, or sitting on the rocking chair to read herself a book.  The world is a new place these days now that she can balance and walk.
* Me: Can you take this diaper to the back door?  Gideon: That would be no problem.
* After waking Gideon up from nap time, he said, "I need to wake up my little sister."
* G to E: "You need to be comfortable in your new bath."

Walks in the cold. G froze.

It reached 70 degrees this week, then plummeted back to the thirties.

G stole my "new" vintage box to organize his cars. I'm never getting it back! 

E wanted to hold G's hand the whole way, but Gideon couldn't wait for his little sister's slow, wobbly gait.

G being cheeky after I told him to go get dressed.  Guess who has (somewhat) mastered potty training??

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