Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Parable of a Three Year Old

G at a birthday party this weekend.

I mentioned last post that Gideon had told our next-door-neighbor babysitter a bit of a tale during a thunder storm, which she asked him about and wrote down.  I think it deserves its own post, so here she is, complete with illustrations G requested be done:

Once upon a time there was Mr. Thunder and he was flying.  Mr. Thunder was friends with Mr. Dragon up high.  He was awake! It is day!  Time to play! [Gideon is into rhyming these days.)

Mr. Drago woke up and started flying around the village, waking up Mr. Thunder!  Mr. Thunder was angry at Mr. Dragon for waking him up! A humongous noise!

"Perch-Boom!" came out of Mr. Thunder! [I can just hear Gideon saying this.]

Everybody in the village was scared so Mr. Dragon blew fire at Mr. Thunder! The village folk raced out of their houses and told them to stop fighting!

They said if wanted to solve a problem, they should take about it, not argue.  Mr. Thunder's pet lion came down off the mountain and hugged everybody.  They thanked each other for saving the village and Mr. Firetruck blew out the fire.  All the trucks were there. [of course]

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  1. He modeled the end of the story around the way he resolves disagreements with Esther. Such a dear child!