Sunday, December 4, 2016

Waiting for Baby: Prepping the Nursery

Nothing helps get me excited for a new baby like preparing the clothes and nursery.  In this case, the nursery doubles as my office for now, but as I'll be on maternity leave (fingers crossed! - always a difficult balancing act when you are self-employed!), our little girl is welcome to the space adjoining the master bedroom.

I've mostly made due with things I already had for this little girl - the trug (baby basket) was special-built for Gideon when he was a baby and the vintage pram/our double stroller will both act as her beds for the first few months, along with hand-me-down clothes and kit from both siblings.

However, she is getting some pretty cool vintage outfits for Christmas, a precious tatted lace antique white skirt from a friend with excellent taste (pictured), and a lovely pink baby blanket and bonnet from La Coqueta from another friend with excellent taste (Lesley, these are treasures!).

I also put up curtains made from hand-embroidered pillowcases from our wedding - couldn't ruin them as pillows! - and vintage hand-tatted lace edged curtains from Germany.  Will come in handy when I birth in this room--the birth pool will sit right where the vintage pram now is. Not that we get that much traffic in Hopkinton, NH, but still!...

Pillow-case curtains pictured in back

The other three baby-stuff additions to the office is the cloth-covered chest for her stuff - a 1920's original found at Brimfield antiques market, recovered in the 1950s - it resembles somewhat the Grandma Moses mural I someday want painted above the chair rail in this room - and the pink rocking chair.  The chest I've filled with clothes and diapers. The chair was a neighbor's grandmother's and was saved from the dump for us.  Had it repainted pink and shabby-chiced and just love it.  Finally, there is the breast-feeding basket. This was given to me at a garage sale when I offered them the only kind of compensation I had on my person - a personal check and/or canadian money.  They couldn't take either, so asked me to just please take the few items I had identified.  This basket has come in handy so often, and is perfect to tote around all of those breast-feeding items one needs when beginning anew - will spare you the details, but you know what those things are!

Bushel-sized trug

Breastfeeding basket

Until I sleep the babe here, the pram will act as storage for swaddle blankets, floor blankets, and a closet for her Sunday best.

Won't be doing much work here for a while!

Now that this has all come together, with work deadlines behind me as of this weekend (hurray!), I feel super ready to have this baby. Now all I need to do is scrub a few toilets and wrap some Christmas presents before she comes!

What gets you excited for a new babe?  Would love to hear your nesting strategies!

Small Wonders
- Gideon witnessed two new members of our faith - a father and daughter - receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost today.  He was enthralled.  Afterwards, he said, quite loudly, "I want to get baptized!" and then, after explaining that he could in five years, said, "I'm sad that I can't get baptized."
- It was Gideon's first day - sort of - of Primary today, as they broke him in by allowing him to join the big kids for 20 minutes during Sharing Time, when children 3-8 got together for a lesson.  He apparently really liked it.  He makes the big transition at the New Year.
- Gideon won't read the scriptures by repeating after me anymore, but likes to take the book, put his finger along the words as I do, and use all kinds of scriptural phrases lumped together with stories of trucks and other motorized vehicles like this I recorded the other day: "Behold, I Nephi whispered come into the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And there was no room for them." Ha!
- Gideon has started role playing with a fury.  In persuading me to let him take a toy to church, he used the following: "I want to go to nursery said the monster truck.  I like nursery.  Is that ok said the monster truck?"  How could I possibly refuse?
- When told someone was sad and needed lots of hugs, Gideon said, "I will wipe his tears."  Sweet, sweet boy.
- G's started to clean up the floor after Esther.  He'll take out his tiny tractors and scoop up the beans or olives or whatever she has spilled if not too messy, and little by little cart them to his dump truck.  Once in the dump truck, he'll transport them to yet another location before getting the final pickup truck to carry the detritus to the garbage.  I love the process, and he does, too!
- E got some homeopathic testing done, was given some herbal solutions, and has amazingly reverted to her nine-month-old, super-happy-all-the-time, loving (with the occasional two-year-old fit) self.  She will thank me for feeding her or helping her do something, tell me she loves me at random, cuddle up to other mothers, go to bed by herself cheerfully and willingly (used to be a scream-fest!), and say "OK" rather than resist when I ask her to do something - usually.  The transformation is absolutely wonderful.  Her nose has cleared for the first time in 18 months.  I'm super motivated to follow the rest of the protocol and see how far this returns her to herself.
- E is at the stage where she loves songs on repeat so she can memorize them.  I found a song she liked and, after being asked to play it over and over, finally programmed the player to repeat automatically.  She would get anxious each time the song would end, then, when it started up again, she would say "cool!"

bikes with a bestie

Thanksgiving pie

Lighting of the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial.  We live for apple cider donuts and apple cider!

Live nativity and super short pageant there were fab 

Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial all lit up

playground time!

Reward for helping wash the dishes.

post-preschool hike

love me a good New England stone wall

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