Sunday, April 9, 2017

12 Signs You Might Be From New Hampshire & East Egg Run!

Front doors almost always lack walkways.

We've lived in New Hampshire now for almost a year and a half, and there are some things that I've come to know as distinct to this state.  I've compiled a list here.

You might be from New Hampshire when:

1) You never use your front door.  One of the first things I noticed on moving here was that there were no walkways leading to front doors. The entire home was structured around the front door, but it was almost never used.  People instead use their side doors, and I am often told that if someone knocks on your front door, they aren't the kind of people you want to know!

2) You are an "Independent" but tend to vote with a particularly party. Every time.

3) You have a foot-long beard. Them are prolific in these parts.

4) You own a truck.  Or a Subaru Outback.  With bumper stickers.

5) You stockpile wood.  Many people heat their homes with wood here rather than turn on the central heat to save money.

6) You use vinegar for things other than cooking.  Like cleaning your floors, or shampooing your hair. Natural, cheap, and stinky!

7) You own a motorcycle.  This state has the highest per capita motorcycle ownership but for North Dakota.  Don't ask me why. And they don't use helmets. Live free or die!

8) You don't pay income or sales tax. It's a beautiful thing.

9) You've met every single president since you were 10.  No kidding.

10) You are used to people campaigning at the dump. Don't mind the smell, it's a public forum.

11) You attend your town meeting.  That's where you vote on your property taxes (controlled by the town - the state is supported by "sin" taxes and certain corporate taxes), after all. Direct democracy in action - it's awesome.

12) You were born here. Even though my toddlers will know no where else, only Ingy will ever truly be from the state, apparently!

Small Wonders

* Overheard from Gideon:
- "I need a break!"
- "I want lemon on my fish!"
- "Gideon, your four minutes to play are up and it's time to eat dinner!" "How can this be?"
- "I never get to do anything" [said with much shoulder-slumping]
- "Mom, I love you.  You are so nice, but sometimes you get angry."
* Gideon has started to make introductions for people he believes to be meeting for the first time.  Today at church he made an introduction, "This is my dad, Lance."
* Yesterday during FHE, Esther told Lance, "Dad, you are so cool."
* When going on or off the freeway on 360 degree ramps, Esther will say "wheee!" against the centripetal force
* Often in the car, I'll look back and see G holding Ingy's hand.
* Ingy is deliberately reaching for things, has grown out of the swaddle, and gotten over her four month relapse and back to 11-12 hours a night (phew!).

The town East Egg "Hunt" (read run! for the littles) was held indoors at the high school this year because it was just too nippy out to hunt in the grass. 

Ready to run!

Showing off his kill

Esther finally got the hang of it after being overrun by kids for about a minute. 

Getting to know you.

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