Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dump Queen

Some have the happy appellation of "dancing queen," "prom queen," or "fairy queen." Me, I have been graced with the more humble title of "dump queen."

And I wear it with pride. I *love* our local town dump.  From the empowered, kind, tough, tattoo-ladden, all-women crew, to the requirement of processing your own garbage (and thus being more responsible and aware), I love every bit of it.

What I love the most, however, is the end of the rainbow experience at the dump, where, by the "hopper" where you finally dump your trash after expunging your recyclables, you can paw through other's cast-off items that are worthy of review.  Yes, there is a lot of junk there, but I have found some beauties.  

What truly is someone else's junk has become my treasures. From vintage skis, ice-skates, a full playground in my barn, complete with slides, bikes, a basketball hoop, swings, and a mini roller-coaster, to items around my house and clothes in my closet, I have found treasures at my local dump, and I display them with pride.  Here are just a few items:

These curtains. I washed out the stains and had a friend cut two larger panels down into eight little panels for cafe curtains in our dinning room.  Currently in love.

This brand-new pink lamp shade (found with its wrapping on) is the perfect shape for the lamp I purchased at Brimfield last go-round. A neighbor who knows me well saw it and snatched it.

This antique mirror is the perfect shape for our 18th century (non-square) entry-way.

hand carved wooden candlesticks, anyone?  Found at our dump's swap shop, where others' cast-offs are organized and made available for free.

cast iron pan. Use it daily, often multiple times.

Mail basket.

picnic basket where I hide my boombox and a few CDs.

Vintage tin where I keep batteries.

Vintage hat box.
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Antique bucket - I have a pair, and use them as trash cans.

Flower boxes from Holland I keep litter and shavings for our bunny - don't mind the surrounds of plastic trucks my son lined up around it!

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