Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nursery Reveal: Creating Light out of Darkness

bright color nursery, antique bed, sleigh bed

I have found immense joy in furnishing and decorating our home. I am a super cheapskate, so it presents a wonderful design challenge to create beauty and comfort with minimal funds. 

But creating for me is also a method of self-care. I learned this from an extremely creative aunt who struggled for years with immense challenges and coped in part by digging into her creative side (and digging her soul out).

I've had back-to-back challenges in my life since I was 17, each more difficult than the last and prompting a new area for growth, the present not excepted. 

Perhaps that's why I am a serial entrepreneur. I'm not content professionally unless I am creating-an organization, an event, a community. 

In my personal life, I'm also continually creating. It is my lifeblood and an incredibly important and happy outlet for me. The last two years it has been creating a home here in the woods of New Hampshire. I've almost started from scratch, as we took relatively little furniture with us from London (and got rid of almost everything before hopping the pond in 2009). This has allowed nearly wholesale curation of toys, books, and furniture. 

As of today, I have completed decorating a second room in our home, the nursery/upstairs guest room. Currently Esther sleeps there most nights, but you'll see she has her own room-within-a-room. 

What do you do as creative outlets? Where do you find your peace and joy amidst your troubled waters?

there are five pillow depths here to make this bed a comfortable daybed/couch!

the coffee bean sack pillow-case along the back is mirrored in the trim of the aqua  pillows

cast iron rings and a branch taken from the surrounding woods hold the quilt up (there is another branch and rings along the back - not an easy thing to find a straight, 7' long, 1" diameter branch - if you try to replicate this, get 2" rings!)

I've shown these on the blog before in our London nursery reveal, but I continue to love them - 2 pounds each from a local artist in London. I should have purchased more!!

Failed to post this on my dump finds from two weeks ago!

this train has a story - I saw them one day for $25 total at the Davis flea market down the road (I had seen equivalents for $1,000 along Route 4 in New Hampshire) and didn't have any money on me. I was going to buy them the next time, but it was raining that day and no one was there. I thought it was history, but the man held on to them for months and tracked me down one Sunday because he recognized Gideon's hat, and sold them to me for the same price. I was elated!)

I love this lamp I found at Savers in Manchester! I had to get it rewired and find a shade for it, but thought it worth it!

The vintage trucks come from Grandpa Toler's toy chest) and are my favorite vintage toys in our collection

don't worry, doors stay open while she sleeps!

Sources for this room were IKEA (bookshelf, organization boxes underneath the bed, most of the bed linen and pillows, crib, multi-colored pillow on the large rocker, and colored frames), Company C (designer rug $200, yellow pillows $30), TJ Max (aqua pillows, $30 and $13), country curtains (pom pom cafe curtains - thank you, Amy at HomeGlowDesign!), the lovely folks at Antique Bed Mattresses (the unseen but oh-so-important custom mattress inside that antique yellow bed!), a host of Etsy shops - House that Lars Built (Color Wreath - well, Brittany gave me this when visiting her in Denmark, and I treasure it!), AdyEscalante (wrought iron rings,  PetejaFiberWorks (the pom pom pillows), AlysVintageAlcove (the antique, handmade double wedding ring quilt), a host of vintage and antique shops/shows - Brimfield (the small chair in the closet, the antique large train, Noah's Ark, abicus), Portobello Road (the wooden diaper box), Davis, NH flea market (train on top of bookshelves), Sage & Twine (birdcage lamp), Horse Stalls at Camden Markets (green crates), Upcycled (red desk), eBay (my antique rocker friends got me for Gideon's baby shower - love!, Gideon's vintage London bus), an antique shop along "Antique Alley" on Route 4 in NH (yellow chippy bed - don't worry - I had it shellacked!, $90!), Grandpa Toler's toy chest (the vintage semi trucks - aren't those sweet?), the dump (the candy machine and the red reading lamp), and a few handmade, homemade items (the bunting, the sheep pillow, the coffee-bean sack pillowcase, the horse on the small rocker and the doll on the large, and the red pillow in Esther's crib).

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