Sunday, January 28, 2018

2017 Toler Top Tens

1. A new job for Lance. Our biggest news of 2017 is that Lance took a job with a new financial institutions-focused investment firm in Greenwich, CT. We are grateful to have found a short-haul flight that cuts Lance’s weekend commute from 14 hours to six.

Super excited to see daddy at work (really!).

2. Learning to survive as a family of five. While Lance works during the week in Greenwich, Lorianne has learned to manage our farmlette in New Hampshire solo with three energetic children.
doing well some days

And not so well other days
We were grateful for so many extra hands to make this year possible, including those of our family (such as my mom here) and friends that feel like family.

3. Lorianne hosting an academic conference at the Palace of Versailles, podcasts available here

4. Gideon learning to read. Though he hasn’t quite mastered Shakespeare, Gideon has started to read. 

5. 730 books read. Between the two of them, Lance and Lorianne read 30 books and nearly 700 to Gideon and Esther (Ingy has yet to sit through an entire book…). 

Henniker, vintage books
6 – Only one in diapers! If you don’t count sleep-time pull-ups (otherwise it’s still a depressing three!), we are down to only one diaper-clad babe. Huzzah!
vintage kids
Can you guess which one is still in diapers? :-)
You got it, Esther spent a lot of the year naked - and luckily, most of it NOT in front of the house!
7. LOTS of Travel. In addition to work travel, Lance clocked 21 round trips between Greenwich and New Hampshire, and Lorianne 7. We traveled to Utah in the Spring for the funeral of Lorianne’s beloved step-mom, Janet Tanner, and Lorianne returned in July for her 20th (!) high school reunion while Gideon and Esther had the time of their lives at the Toler family farm in Idaho. Lorianne also took the kids to the Berkshires for a family reunion and to DC in November.   

My step-mom's funeral was an occasion that brought all surviving siblings (I've also had two siblings pass) together. Love you, Janet!

Major fun on the farm!

Where this family all began...

At the Jefferson Monument
At the Bronx Zoo with daddy
tantruming toddler while visiting with mommy's friends on Capitol Hill

Old Sturbridge Village with Daddy
8. Home and garden renovations. We settled into our New Hampshire farmlette a bit more by adding built-in Scandinavian beds to the childrens’ room upstairs, erecting a fence, putting up a play structure and bunny run, and taming the wilds around our home into beds, gardens, and berry patches.  Torrential thanks goes to Lorianne’s dad for three trips to New Hampshire to act as our master builder.

our new Scandinavian beds - we love them!

my dad, my hero

new (old) swingset
le bunny run

the new herb garden!

not quite what our berry patches look like, but soon!

9. Lessons in the Fine Arts. In addition to soccer and swim lessons, Gideon has loved starting piano lessons this year. We signed Esther up for an adorable tap, ballet, and gymnastic class, and Gideon essentially signed himself up, too. His eagerness to dance has been a lesson for mom and dad in modern parenting. J

10. Ingy learning to walk. Much to our chagrin, Ingy is our earliest walker, and mastered the strut just before her first birthday. 

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