Monday, April 23, 2018

The Top 100 Picture Books for Kids

We know roughly what the great works of literature are for adults and maybe for teens are, but what about for toddlers?

I posed this question to the world's greatest librarian, otherwise known as Leigh Maynard at the Hopkinton Town Library, about a year ago. Little did I know what she would do with it.

She took my question on as a challenge and culled several lists, pulling the best, and this is what she came up with: 

How cute is she?

I was elated - not only had she come up with the list, but made sure our library had all of them and helpfully collected them into one spot so I didn't have to hunt them down in the nether-most regions of the library while running after three toddlers.  There are many reasons why Leigh Maynard was voted best children's librarian in the state. This is one of them.

Lance, with his superhumanspreadsheetpowers, put the list together a format we could check off for our children. We now have our work cut out for us, and thought you'd enjoy getting your hands on it, too! (Click here for the list in printable format.)

Some of our classics - Beatrix Potter, Homer for children, A.A.Milnes, Aesops, Harold Bloom, and one of our many collections of fairy Tales.
Next up, a post about exposing and reading to your kids from the great classics, and the secrets I've discovered in making it part of the every day with toddlers.

What are your favorite up and coming classics?  I've pictured above one of our new favorites, Lola Dutch!


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